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School Holiday Survivor Camp Testimonials


{xtypo_quote}(Addressed to School Administration)....
We are just writing to thank you for the opportunity given by you for Maddie to be part of the Sports Tuition holiday activities. Rob had already decided to attend the Father Daughter Fishing Trip in December. The brochure that came home from school included an opportunity to join the ‘Survivor Camp' 1st - 3rd July. ..Maddie has tried to gain entry into various school sporting teams, mainly the netball, but has not had the required natural ability, albeit she would love to be part of a sporting activity. Consequently she was a little terrified when we told her she was going to a camp run by a company called ‘Sports Tuition.'...We made contact via website/email with Steve Wilkes. We felt comfortable that it was a very professionally run business....*However, the proof is invariably in the pudding....Maddie had a fabulous time. She came back full of beans and with a very positive attitude about life in general, school, piano practice, let alone sport (somewhat missing when she left). Nothing was too much trouble, she felt good about ‘having a go.' She told me that each individual was special and when a participant did not behave in a manner that was acceptable, Steve (Mr. Wilkes) dealt with it and was firm but fair (wonder where she got that expression from!). She commented on the way that everyone's physical and ‘feeling' needs/concerns were considered....I can imagine how busy you are but just wanted to say how much this opportunity through the school has meant to us. We might not have known of it otherwise. ...The emphasis was clearly on holistic health not on thin, trim, win all, uncaring competitiveness. A great starting ground for girls that don't realize their ability... I shan't bore you with the details but we are so impressed with the running of this camp that we would jump at the chance of the next one for children attending alone.

Rob & Mimi Leamon{/xtypo_quote}

{xtypo_quote}...Jessie had an absolute ball. You may recall how I was worried about her going on her own. I had asked if she wanted to ring any of her friends to see if they wanted go along - but she decided that she would prefer to go on her own....Anyway, I needn't have worried, as she had a wonderful time - and said that all of the other girls were really nice....She said there was only one problem with the whole trip - it wasn't long enough!!....I'm sure you'll see us back again.

Glenyce Johnson{/xtypo_quote}

{xtypo_quote}Hi Steve,
Just a quick note that I have been searching for the time to write. Huge thanks to you and your team for providing an amazing experience for our daughter at the September Survivor's camp. Every bit was something we would not have been able to provide. Kate is still speaking about different experiences at camp and she wrote a great story for school when she returned after the holidays. We were especially proud of our (usually music drama girl) outdoor adventure girl who managed to break the standing on one leg record and who managed to lead her team to victory. While Kate would love to attend again in December she is a member of the Queensland youth choir - Stella voce, and they have pre Christmas commitments. We have your web site as a favourite and we will be definitely keeping an eye on your calendar for 2007. The sports camp looks great! Again thank you very much.

Kind regards
Marie Stuart{/xtypo_quote}

{xtypo_quote}Hi Steve,
Finally a quick note to say thank you. Victoria had a fantastic time at Survivor Camp. The girls loved sleeping in the tent - even though they were there at record low temperatures! It was great that they had boys in their team! Victoria loved the fresh fish & chips and certainly enjoyed using the toilet and shower when she hit civilisation. Thanks Steve and I was very impressed that the girls said you were very calm!

Yours Faithfully
Anna Noble

Also, Andrew and Victoria loved the Father & Daughter fishing trip last year and that is why she was back! And I'm sure you will see her again.{/xtypo_quote}

{xtypo_quote}Good Morning Steve,
Great success! Thank you for stimulating the hearts and minds of our little lovelies on the recent survivor camp which they tell me they are definitely attending next year. Elke tells me she made 67 friends which I thought sounded like a very positive response. Both Bridgette and Elke absolutely loved it and told stories for days. We couldn't help have a chuckle that we were staying in a magnificent unit over Cylinder Beach on Stradbroke Island watching Humpback Whales and their young and dolphins, turtles and mantarays daily, missing Elke madly and here she was at Hinze Dam roughing it, not giving us a thought, totally content and at one with her environment. We send you heartfelt thanks for taking on and succeeding at the challenge and sending her back safe and sound to us. Once again, see you next year and many thanks.

Kind regards,
Julia Farnworth{/xtypo_quote}

{xtypo_quote}Dear Steve,
We just wanted to thank you and your team for the best ever camp our boys have been on! Hugo and Ryan both really enjoyed the Survivor Camp and both are very keen to do another one.

Driving home from Hinze Dam on Friday afternoon we were overcome by this foul smell of dirty, unwashed boys and their gear - all good signs of boys having had fun. We were thoroughly entertained by the boys lively chatter and trying to out do each other with their grand stories. It seems that from all accounts, the canoeing, fishing, walking through rapids, falling out of canoes, some archery, sleeping in tents and cooking ...etc etc etc was just "the best". After 20 mins of banter, they were sound asleep and we were left with the foul stench of their clothes!

Thank you once again for these wonderful opportunities you are giving the kids! It was great to know they are in such capable hands!

Sharon and Andrew{/xtypo_quote}