School Holiday Camps

December 2009 School Holiday Survivor Camp Review

There was a large number of returning students to take on the school holiday survivor camp, which was great to see. As with all the survivor camps, the same camp is never repeated which ensures variety for all those involved.  However, the overall format of the camp remained the same, and as usual, the fishing in the electric powered boats was enjoyed by all.  

As soon as the bus arrived, it was a quick camp briefing followed by the first task of erecting all the tents. Once this task was completed, the students were split into tribes and tribal flags were created.


There were six tribes in total and each activity saw tribe compete against tribe.


Each tribe was allocated a BBQ plate and the team members cooked a couple of their own meals.


One activity was walking through the creek and using scoop nets to see who could catch the most freshwater yabbies.


A great race was set up and with a map of the campsite in hand, the tribes had to navigate themselves through the campsite and along the way complete 17 puzzles and there were six tribal challenges along the way as well.




The survivors had to shoot down a balloon on the archery range and then solve the puzzle which was inside the balloon.


There were also cross-tribal challenges for reward.


Victory is sweet!



These six leading survivors competed against each other for the title of Ultimate Survivor. The end result was a tie between Conor & Milly who were both presented with fishing rods, kindly donated by L.Wilson & Co. The six also received tackle boxes, caps and stickers. McDonald's donated a sports ball to each member of the leading tribe and every participant received a certificate for surviving! 


Following are some email testimonials that were received after the camp.

Thanks Steve.  This was Tyla's first camp without parental supervision and she gave it a 10! Thanks to you and your team for creating a fun adventure all about the kids she had a ball.

Thanks Kylie Dickey.



My son has just got back from camp, damp, dirty and smelly but who cares, it sounds like he had the best time.  Thanks for looking after him and running such a professional, fun camp. He ate well, slept well and is covered in bruises from having too much fun!




Dear Steve
Thanks so much for the camp! Seems to have been a wonderful success! Declan said that the swimming in the dam was great fun! The stories keep tumbling out about camp - all good!  Such a wonderful experience for boys - and your camp really does foster resilience and independence - so I sincerely thank you again!!  Have a wonderful Christmas with your family! 



Thanks Steve,
My girls absolutely loved the camp & will be signing up for the next one for sure! Thanks for a great few days.

Katrina Whitting