School Holiday Camps

April 2010 School Holiday Survivor Camp Review

We were greeted with perfect weather for the April School Holiday Survivor Camp. The first job for the group was to erect all the tents. After that, it was down to forming tribes and creating their tribal name and flag.

During camp, the students are responsible for some food preparation and cooking over the open fire. Each tribe had to gather their fire wood and be responsible for their BBQ. For lunch on day one, they had hamburger patties.

The first tribal challenge was a physical one, which involved a demanding run, followed by a swim through the dam.


The first day of camp is always a busy one and the students enjoy a break around the fires at night.

The students are given the responsibility of driving their own boat for the fishing component. The boats are powered by Minn Kota electric motors. The group used live shrimp as bait to catch some fish in the dam There were some good size Australian bass caught, together with a massive eel-tailed catfish, and a few of the pesty banded grunter.


Archery is always a popular activity and the students were picking up bonus points for popping the balloons on the targets.

We always try and mix up the activities on Survivor, and the new activity for this camp was the milk crate climb, and judging by the response from the students, it was thoroughly enjoyed.

The pancakes on the final morning were light and fluffy...just perfect. The girls did a great job preparing the mix.

The students also enjoy preparing the Australian bass in bread crumbs.

The final activity on camp was the Ultimate Survivor Challenge. Hammering in an over-sized tent peg is always hard work.

The girls were a bit slow off the mark in cooking their red claw...the fact that they were alive and their claws were quite large, added a little bit of fear factor. They got the job done though. It was a challenge to pick up, cook and eat the red claw in the quickest possible time.

After three days on camp, Lachlan was awarded the prize of Ultimate Survivor. Special thank you to L.Wilson & Co and McDonald's for providing all the prizes for the camp.