School Holiday Camps

June 2010 School Holiday Survivor Camp Review

...For the kids on the Sports Tuition School Holiday Survivor Camp at Hinze, winter just means bigger fires...and they certainly got them blazing! The camp activities are always mixed up on the school holiday programs because so many kids just keep coming back and they know they will never repeat the exact same camp. On this camp, it was a first for preparing the special fried rice. The kids were given a billy with a tripod and a bbq plate. They had to collect their firewood and boil the billy and cook the rice before they barbequed their chicken, bacon, capsicum and shallots and with a little bit of soy sauce over the top, the meal was complete! There was a canoe adventure up the far upper reaches of the dam, a milk crate climb to get the heart racing, some archery and plenty more, but the highlight for many is being given the opportunity to drive their own boat and go out and fish. One of the problems you have with a fun activity like this is that the kids love driving the boat around and sometimes they forget they are there to actually fish. But with that being said, there were quite a few fish caught. Oscar from Churchie was the star who single handily caught enough fish to feed his entire tribe. He was in charge of the bread crumbing crew as well. It is always great to see kids taking responsibility and being independent in a camping environment. It certainly enables them to build confidence and develop social skills.

Congratulations to Sam who was the Ultimate boy survivor and Maddie who was awarded the Ultimate girl survivor. Both these students collected a SureCatch fishing rod & reel combo. Maddie & Sam competed against four others in the Ultimate Survivor Challenges. These leading six were voted by their peers at the tribal council meetings which were held each night. All the Ultimate Survivor challenges were presented with a number of prizes such as tackle boxes, AFL balls, soccer balls, water bottles, and every participant on camp received a gift certificate. Special thank you to L. Wilson & Co and McDonald's for providing all these prizes.

The first activity on camp is always setting up the tents.

Hamish and his tribe did a great job on their tribal flag.  Once the flags are complete, it's game on!

The first day meal cooking usually involves meat patties, but for something different this time, all the kids made fried rice...and great fried rice it was too. One tribe's was a little gluggy, but the others were better than most Chinese restaurants...well, nearly!

The first afternoon activity was to bait and set the red claw traps. The kids used the canoes to head out and find a spot.

There were quite a few red claw caught...and they are getting bigger every camp!

Day 2 signals the start of the fishing. The kids head out in the Quintrex boats, which are powered by Minn Kota electric motors. They fish using live shrimp as bait and their target species is Australian bass and yellowbelly.

Willow picked up this nice little bass.

Oscar just kept pulling them in for the Red Lightning tribe.

Susie caught this nice bass for the Smilies.

The milk crate climb can get the heart racing! It's higher than you think!

The kids were great in building their night time fires. It's hard to beat a good camp fire during winter.

It wasn't all about big fires though, to finish the camp, the Ultimate Survivors had to build a small fire to boil an egg and eat it in the quickest possible time.

It was three action-packed days with plenty of fun being had by all.