School Holiday Camps

September 2010 School Holiday Survivor Camp Review

The school holiday camp at Hinze Dam started with all the participants putting up their tents and thankfully the rain held off for this component. We weren't blessed with perfect weather for this camp and we always had to keep an eye on the weather, but fortunately over the three days there was very little disruption to the program.

Once the tents were up and tent groups sorted, it was onto forming tribes. Bandannas were issued and tribes were named and a flag was created to represent the tribe. There were two members of each tribe who gave presentations to the group about how they came up with their tribal name and how the flag represented everyone in their tribe.

The afternoon of the first day saw participants jump straight into their activities. Archery is always popular as the participants strive to earn as many points as possible for their tribe.

Over the past few camps we have started linking the canoeing component with the setting of the red claw traps. Simon caught the first red claw of the camp. The red claw were cooked up as part of dinner and five that were caught on the final morning of camp were kept alive for a Ultimate Survivor Challenge . The ultimate survivor contestants had to pick up a red claw out of a bucket, cook it and then eat it in the quickest possible time.

Storms were threatening throughout the camp, and as a result, most meals were prepared for the participants. However, they did manage to light the fires and cook their bacon & egg muffins for breakfast.

For the fishing component, the kids are in the boats by themselves and they are provided with live shrimp as bait. Quite often it's a team effort to drive their boat, to bait their hooks, and to ultimately land their fish. The girls pictured here all contributed in some way to get this Australian bass into the boat.

Have you ever seen kids so excited to peel 50kg of potatoes? They love it! As well as the potato peeling, the pancake mixture is also being prepared in the background for the following morning's breakfast.

Dylan & Mitch were teaching the kids how to fillet their catch. There is nothing like fresh fish & chips!

The Heart Devils had a great fire going here. With all the wet weather around, the tribes did very well to get the fires going with damp timber.

The final component of the survivor camp is the ultimate survivor challenge for the leading students in each tribe. The groups voted at tribal council to place these participants in that position. Challenges always vary, but test strength, endurance, mental toughness and social networking skills.

Congratulations to Simon for taking out the title of Ultimate Survivor. Thanks to L. Wilson & Co for donating the fishing rods and tackle boxes and to McDonald's for the sports balls and meal certificates that every participant received.  

Dear Steve
I am Lizzie's Mum and I would like to thank you and everyone involved in the camp. Lizzie has not stopped talking about it, she had a wonderful time and enjoyed herself so much that she wants to go again!!
So thank you so much for all your efforts and what a great thing to do.
Kind regards
Fiona Perrin:){/xtypo_quote}

Hi Steve - just thanking you for the great camp! Isabella enjoyed herself and I think it was a really great confidence building exercise for her.

Thanks again
Sabina Konicanin{/xtypo_quote}

Dear Steve,
...They had a fabulous time and haven't stopped talking about it since - obviously a great group of kids - Thanks so much.
Kind Regards
Jeanette Potts{/xtypo_quote}

Hi Steve,
...Joshua had a great time & has already asked to go next year, thanks for organising a great camp.

Dear Steve,
Just wanted to say thankyou so much on behalf of Andrew, he really had a ball at survivor camp. The best thing for him was the fishing!!
Thanks again.
kind regards
Michelle Carmody{/xtypo_quote}