School Holiday Camps

December 2010 School Holiday Survivor Camp Review

There was plenty of rain before the school holiday survivor camp commenced at Hinze Dam, but thankfully it held off for most of the camp, however, by mid afternoon on the second day, the participants had to battle some heavy rain, and during the middle of the night it became torrential, which made it into a true survivor camp.

The first job was to put up all the tents, which is always a team effort.


Once the tent city was created, the participants were split into tribes, given their bandanna and then they made their tribal flag.

The participants were now working up an appetite, but firstly, they had to gather wood and get the fires cranking to cook up their hamburger patties.


Wallis always embraces the camps...a true survivor!


A water polo challenge took place on the first afternoon and then it was back to the tents to get into some dry clothes.



The first morning required the participants to once again crank up the fires.  This time they had to cook bacon & egg muffins.


The second day of camp signalled the commencement of the fishing component.  The students had to take control of their own boat, which was powered by a 55lb Minn Kota electric motor.  They used live shrimp as bait to try to entice some Australian bass.


Sunny caught this ripper bass.


Robert with the good and the bad of Hinze Dam.  A nice healthy bass on the left, but on the right is the pesty banded grunter.  The grunter have the ability to breed in the dam and they love shrimp.  The bass have to be quick to get in before the grunter start pecking away at the shrimp, which kills it, before they finish it off, piece by piece.


The canoeing activity also involved setting red claw traps.  There were plenty of good sized ones caught.


The milk crate climb is harder than you think...and it's higher than you think!


To finalise the tribal points, there were a number of mini tribal challenges on the final morning.  It was a fun way for the tribes to finish.


Congratulations to the Ultimate Survivors and a special thank you to L.Wilson & Co, Shimano, McDonald's and Gabba Sports for donating the prizes. 


{xtypo_quote}Hi Steve
Yet another awesome Survival Camp. TJ could not stop talking about the Ultimate Survivor and the challenges he faced. Well done! Not sure I would like to face a Red Claw Leg and a raw egg. UGHH!  Sounds like the rain and mud just added to the challenge of Survivor Camp. Thanks Steve.
Cath Bird{/xtypo_quote} 

{xtypo_quote}Hi Steve, thanks so much for returning our cargo safe and sound – albeit absolutely exhausted...and filthy!  The jury is out as to whether or not the boys will be back – their conditions are: only if there is no rain, the food is worse (you’re obviously feeding them too well), and only if the same girls return!  I slept very well thank you - even better Tuesday and Wednesday nights...The judge’s verdict - they’ll be back. Thanks again, and a very merry and safe Christmas to you and your family.
Kind regards

Amanda Brookes (James & Patrick){/xtypo_quote}

{xtypo_quote}Thank you Steve for giving Luke an excellent 3 days, he came home filfthy and exhausted and full of news about his trip.  He loved every minute of it and can't wait for the next one.  He also slept for 14 & 1/2 hrs last night! Merry Christmas.

Troy & Jodie Whitton {/xtypo_quote}

 {xtypo_quote}Hi Steve,
How are you? Happy New year! Thank you so much for looking after Luke so well at the survivor camp before Christmas. He had a fantastic time and would like to do it again. When are you running another one? Luke seems to think there’s one on this month. If that’s the case, I’d like to book him in and his 11 year old brother.  Thanks.
Warm Regards,
Mariann Capper{/xtypo_quote}