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April 2011 School Holiday Survivor Camp Review

The April School Holiday Survivor Camp was based at Camp Lake Fire at Maroon Dam. Just over 50 students competed for the top prize of Ultimate Survivor, which was won by Wallis from St Margaret's Anglican Girls' School, and no one would doubt that Wallis is in her element during these camps. She totally embraces the theme and it was a well-deserved result. The leading boy on camp was Jack from All Saints Anglican School, who had a little bit of luck to make it into the top four by finding the hidden immunity late in the camp, but he had enough votes from his tribe at the tribal councils to get him over the line and he made the most of the opportunity during the Ultimate Survivor Challenge. Both Wallis and Jack collected fishing rods as well as the top four prizes of a mini tackle box and a cap. Special thank you to L. Wilson & Co and Shimano for donating these prizes.

The school holiday camp has been held at Hinze Dam for the past few years, but the move to Maroon provides a few more options for the camp. There is also the added advantage of having cabins and sheltered areas if the need arises to move out of the tents, not to mention good toilets and showers which weren’t available at Hinze! I think the bus company was also pleased that the students boarded the bus for the return journey a little cleaner and not as smelly as usual!

The main activities were fishing, canoeing, abseiling and archery. The fishing was also briefly interrupted for a boat tube ride, which seemed to be a highlight for many. There were plenty of fish caught too, with many catching their first Australian bass.

It was certainly a hands-on camp for this group. After they set up their tents and created their tribal flags, they had to start their fires and cook sausages for lunch. The students had to make their own pizzas from scratch, cook fried rice and prepare pancake mixture, so there wasn’t a lot of spare time, but just enough to sit around the fires at night, talking and toasting, or in some cases, badly burning marshmallows.

The Pink Panthers ended up winning the leading tribe award, which was a great effort from the all-girls group, who were on average the youngest tribe on camp as well.

The Pink Panthers also did well with their initial team building activities. 

There were some solid Australian bass caught during camp, which are a great fighting fish.  The students used live shrimp as bait and had to independently bait their hooks.

There was some nervous excitement at the commencement of the tube rides, but in the end I think the students all enjoyed the power of the 200hp Yamaha.

The students had the opportunity to make their own pizza.  Special thanks to Sugo Mi on Oxford Street at Bulimba for supplying us with all their restaurant bases, sauce and cheese.  Sugo Mi has won Queensland's best pizza award for the past couple of years.

The final team challenge on camp was water bomb skirmish to retrieve other tribes' flags.  As Lily found out, the bombs can sting a little!

Hi Steve,
Thank you so much for looking after our boys. They both had a great time and are still busy recounting all their adventures. They can’t wait for the next survivor camp!
Warm Regards,

Nick & Mariann Capper {/xtypo_quote}

{xtypo_quote}Hi Steve,
The kids have had an absolute ball on the survivor camp. They came back full of stories - (we are still trying to piece them together) and excited chatter and smelling like brunt bonfires.   Abseiling and Archery, Tubing and Canoeing were their favourite activities.

{xtypo_quote}Thanks so much Steve,Jack had a fantastic time!!! wanted to stay longer! Have a great week!
Regards, Varna

{xtypo_quote}Dear Steve, thanks for a great camp Max Keogh had an awesome time just wondering if there are any photos thanks once again great job Phil Keogh.{/xtypo_quote}

{xtypo_quote}Hello Steve,
...wanted to take a quick moment to tell you how much my daughter, Isabella, loved the camp!  From her happy face coming off the bus, chirping all the way home about all the activities and goings on while there, to planning what she will take and who else she wants to join her at the next camp opportunity!  Great experience for her - thank you!  Until the next time -
Best Regards,
Jordana Rieger{/xtypo_quote}

{xtypo_quote}Thanks for a great camp Steve, Paige had a ball.

{xtypo_quote}Thanks very much Steve...Henry really enjoyed the camp and will definitely be up for another one!

{xtypo_quote}Thanks so much Steve.  Louisa had a great time!
Donna {/xtypo_quote}