School Holiday Camps

July 2011 School Holiday Survivor Camp Review

The July school holiday survivor camp started in the usual manner with the students erecting their tents, forming tribes and creating their tribal flags.

Unfortunately, not all the tents withstood the gale force winds, and were subsequently flattened.  It was decided to abort the tents and head towards the cabins and indoor conference area.  In weather conditions like these, we were all grateful that the camp was at Camp Lake Fire, where we have these back up facilities.  The winds felt like they were up around the 80-100km/hr mark and they continued all night and into the next day.  It was the first time I had to cancel the fishing component of a program.  It just would have been so uncomfortable and the only element that turns off freshwater fish is wind, and with student safety in mind, it was an easy decision to make. 

The students took part in abseiling, archery and shelter building on day 2.  On the final day, we were able to put the boats on the water and let the students drive up into the far upper reaches of the dam, through the timber regions, which created a bit of an obstacle /  driving course.  Quite a few ran into trees, and each other, but they all survived and enjoyed the experience. 

I think everyone enjoyed the State of Origin party night too.  Special thanks to Glen Gracie who organised the big screen and speakers for the outside area.  It was great to sit around the open fires and watch it outdoors.  Some of the group also opted for a little more comfort of watching it in front of the indoor fire place laying on their air mattress and in their sleeping bag.  I'm not exactly sure whether all the students were excited about how well Queensland played or whether they had consumed too much sugar with their party food.  Probably a bit of both!

Congratulations to Declan who participated in his eleventh school holiday survivor camp. And congratulations to Jacob who ended up being awarded Ultimate Survivor on his third camp.  Well done to all participants.  They were a great group.

Special thank you to L. Wilson & Co for providing the prizes for the camp.