June 2012 School Holiday Survivor Camp Review

It’s interesting to fish an impoundment during and straight after heavy rain, because the immediate run-off stirs up the far upper reaches and the in-flow brings an additional food source along with it.  The fish have been much more active in the far upper reaches straight after the rain, compared to the feeding patterns just prior.

As we approached the end of June, the fishing remained consistent for bait fishing, but the lure fishing was starting to slow.  The heavy downpour came in the first week of the school holidays and the kids on the holiday camp bore the brunt of the wet and miserable conditions, but to their credit they put on their rain gear and they still managed to get out there and catch a few fish.  

The students were keen to get some fires going, but in torrential rain, it just wasn’t going to happen.  Most of the students battled the conditions and stayed in their tents on the first night.  Some opted to move indoors and sleep in front of the indoor fire place.  But the rain just kept coming and the forecast for the second night was not any better, so we made the decision early to abort the tents.  Interestingly, there were a large number of students who wanted to stay in their tents, but it was decided that they would move into the cabins.  Their theory was that they wanted to stay in the tents because they were on Survivor, but it was decided their health would be in better condition for the rest of the holidays if they moved in-doors, so reluctantly they did so.  Funny how rain doesn’t really bother children!

A lot of the program had to be modified due to the wet conditions, but the indoor areas were utilised and the students still managed to enjoy themselves and no doubt learned a few new games. We are all hoping the weather is better for the October camp.

Congratulations to Jess who took out the Ultimate Survivor Award.