School Holiday Camps

December 2012 School Holiday Survivor Camp Review

Sports Tuition hosted a group of 51 eight to thirteen year old students on a survivor camp at Camp Lake Fire on 19-21 December 2012.  All the students camped out in new Oz Trail tents which are available at BCF.  The students participated in a range of activities, such as; fishing, canoeing, raft building, rock climbing, archery and open fire cooking.  The students were fortunate with the weather.  It was extremely hot, but there was a reprieve with a short, sharp shower on the middle day.  Rain was consistent just prior to the camp, so there was a lot of fresh in the dam.  It didn’t slow the fishing down though and the kids certainly enjoyed swimming in the dam.  The water visibility was the best I’ve seen and the kids would have been happy swimming there for hours and doing nothing else.  The students used live shrimp as bait for their fishing component.  This method produces the highest catch rate and success can be enjoyed all through the day.  There were some solid bass caught, resulting in some very happy kids.