School Holiday Camps

July 2014 School Holiday Survivor Camp (8-13 year olds) Review

The school holidays are an opportunity for young anglers to hit the water and Sports Tuition’s survivor camp for 8-13 year olds presented an opportunity for some youngsters to test their fishing skills.  The forecast a week out from the camp wasn’t great with some cool nights predicted, but as it turned out the weather was quite mild.  It was even hard to get some of the kids to put a jumper on, although they were around some cranking fires.  As well as the fishing, the students were involved in a number of other activities which included; abseiling, archery, canoeing and open fire cooking.  They even had the opportunity to boil the billy and have some tea with their damper on a stick.  During the holiday camp the day temperatures were around 22 degrees and without a breath of wind, it was absolutely beautiful on the water.  The boats were launched from the base of Camp Lake Fire and it was only a short distance to the trees which was the focus area for the group.  There are some large schools of bass holding in this region.  The bass are all full of roe and naturally think they can spawn at this time of year, however, the conditions in freshwater impoundments aren’t conducive for this process, but the bass school nonetheless.

The most successful way for young anglers to catch a freshwater fish is with the use of live bait.  A live shrimp well-presented on a paternoster rig gets a distressed shrimp to the bottom and in the strike zone.  It didn’t take long for the students to start catching bass during the holiday camp.  Once the students drove their boat to their chosen fishing spot and tied up to a tree, they basically didn’t have to move.  One boat containing four girls caught 37 bass and one eel tailed catfish tied up to one cluster of trees.  Not a bad effort for kids who only fished for around 2.5 hours.  At first young anglers can be a bit tentative even putting their hand into the live bait container, but by the end of this experience, the students were all baiting their own hooks and even removing the fish from the line before releasing them.  

We ended up getting quite a bit of fishing video footage of the students during this camp.  Thanks to Seven Nightly News and Liz Cantor for airing a special segment of the fishing component of the camp.  The group did so well, so it was exciting for them to be seen on prime time TV.

The final component of the camp was a competition between a number of students who were voted in at tribal council to play off for the Ultimate Survivor title.  Special thanks to L. Wilson & Co, Berkley & Bush n Beach Fishing Magazine for donating the prizes for the camp.  

Overall it was a very enjoyable camp to be involved in.  The students were all so well behaved and really got along well with each other and this showed with how much fun they all had.

Thanks Steve. He as usual had a fantastic time and can't wait for the next one. The photos are great. We appreciate the time you put into the camps to ensure the kids have a ball.
Thank you Steve, William had a fantastic time, he LOVED it! And thanks for the photos!
Cheers Helen and Anthony Jackson
Thanks Steve, the boys had a great time.
Love the pics.
Thanks Steve. Very much appreciated. Girls had a ball. Will keep an eye out on the news.
Thanks for another wonderful camp.
Hi Steve,
Thanks so much for the photos - Mikayla has not stopped talking about the camp and how much fun she had.  She absolutely loved it and wants to sign up for a camp every holidays from now on!! We will keep an eye out for the news tonight and tomorrow night. From what I am hearing they all had a great time - thank you so much!!
Kind regards,
Kylie Maudsley
Thanks for sending the photos. Luke had a fantastic time and is super keen to return in summer. Thanks for giving him such a great experience. 
Thank you so much for the special memories - they were all raving about it yesterday when we picked them up. Will definitely be back :)
Kind regards Tracey and Glen
Thanks Steve for the photos. The girls had a great time! Can you keep us updated with the next school camp.
Many thanks