School Holiday Camps

December 2006 Survivor Camp Review

Survivor: Hinze Dam

A major activity at Hinze Dam during the school holidays was the Survivor Camp for 8-13 year olds.  The kids absolutely love this camp every time it is held, as does the staff, which reflects the brilliant atmosphere of the camp.  49 kids participated in the three day adventure just days before Christmas.  The kids were divided into 4 tribes and they competed in a series of challenges, which were often played for food or points rewards.  One of the Day 1 challenges required the tribe to work together to gather shrimp and yabbies from the creeks running into Hinze.  This bait gathering was to be used the following day as the students had to fish to catch their dinner.  Catching enough fish for dinner was not a problem and an interesting observation in regards to the bait being used was that the freshwater yabbies were catching everything during the last session of the day, they were even out fishing the shrimp!

There were plenty of activities which revolved around the fire, like the rope burn, making Billy tea and damper on a stick, and not to forget the marshmallow roasting, but there were some amazing activities which had all the students constantly on the go.  There was canoe orienteering, raft building, shelter building and a number of physical challenges but none better than the task of working the 200L barrels up the Nerang River to round a marker and to return to base.  The students had to manoeuvre themselves and the barrels through the slippery rocks and work their way through all the weed in the river, which proved just too tough for some of the competitors.  The water bomb skirmish always proves to be a popular activity and I was desperate to play and to seek revenge on Helena who nearly knocked me out in the September camp with a cracking blow to the side of my head, but I was unfortunately too busy setting up the final stage of the camp which would decide the Ultimate Survivor.  Over the 3 days, all the students participated in tribal council where a voting system was put in place.  The final component of the camp was where the leading person in each tribe played off for the prize of Ultimate Survivor.  The four leading contenders each received a sample bag which contained items such as a Wilson Fishing Tackle Specialist Cap, Wilson, SureCatch, LiveFibre, Bush n Beach stickers, Wilson’s glow sticks, Bush n Beach fishing magazine, Learn to Fish DVD from DPI & F, SureCatch Knots Book and information guides.  Over the 3 days there was also a point system for the tribes and the leading tribes also received Wilson fishing caps.  I must thank L. Wilson & Co, Bush n Beach and DPI & F for their continued support.  The support and encouragement these organisations show towards young kids and recreational fishing is fantastic.

Now, to cut a long story short, the 4 contenders for the Ultimate Survivor were Chris from Nudgee Junior College, Andrew from St Peter’s Lutheran College, Peter from John Paul College & Brad from Hillcrest Christian College.  It was the first time this challenge had been totally male dominated.  The four had a physical challenge, where we nearly lost Brad as he slipped down an embankment on the run, but to his credit, two challenges later, he overcome this obstacle and came back to win the next physical challenge of holding up a log for the longest possible time.  The four had to compete with sling shots to shoot down each others’ tiles, they had to peel and eat a cooked freshwater yabbie in the quickest possible time, they had mind challenges to solve and when all the points were tallied, the Ultimate Survivor was Peter from John Paul College.  Peter was also presented with a Sports Tuition fishing cap and a certificate for the next camp in April so he can try to defend his title.

On the Survivor Camp all the kids fished from the Quintrex 370 Travellers and this great bass caught by Joshua helped feed his tribe.