School Holiday Camps

September 2007 Survivor Camp Review

...Also held in the September holiday period was a Survivor Camp for 8-12 year olds.  The participants were 31 boys and 29 girls and they were involved in a variety of initiative activities which required them to work as a team and to display leadership.  One of the activities required everyone to fish from the Quintrex Travellers and catch their own dinner.  The group managed to do that with ease and ended up returning plenty of bass back to the water to fight another day.  The fishing took place in the far upper reaches of the western arm.  Working the points at the entrance to a couple of small inlets produced all the bass.

When these Survivor camps commenced a few years back, they were generally dominated by boys with only a few girls participating.  It has been great to see that over the past few Survivor camps there has been close to a 50/50 split of boys and girls.  After three days of competition it came down to the four leading contenders who were Tim from St Elizabeth’s, Lachlan from Churchie, Mitch from John Paul College and Lilli from Somerville House.  The Ultimate Survivor tasks required the four of them to catch a yabbie in the creek, start a fire and boil water and cook the yabbie and eat it, run through the campsite track, balance on a fence and complete a series of brain teasers.  There have been a couple of young girls compete in this final component recently but none have managed to take the major prize, until this camp where Lilli proved she was the Ultimate Survivor.

One of the objectives of the camp is to positively affect every young person’s social and personal development.  The camp is conducted in a safe and supportive environment with opportunities for the girls and boys to test their own limits.  The challenging activities not only improve the self-esteem of all involved, they place them in an environment whereby they can develop trust and respect for each other...

‘The Smilies' tribe on the recent Survivor Camp had no trouble catching their dinner.

Lilli, the Ultimate Survivor, a fine young lady with many admirable qualities. Lilli was the first girl to win this award.