School Holiday Camps

December 2007 Survivor Camp Review

...The water was so low in this region in December for the kids’ Survivor Camps that it was decided that the kids would have to use paddle power and no motors were attached to the canoes.  So in true survivor style all the participants had to battle the knee to waist high mud and paddle out into the dam and catch their dinner.  There were two camps held in December, one for 11-14 year olds and one for 8-12 year olds.  Both groups were faced with the same conditions, and both groups had no trouble in catching enough fish to feed themselves for dinner.  One interesting point was the high catch rate of Silver perch in this area.  All the perch were full of roe, which was also used as one of the Ultimate Survivor activities on the final day where the contestants had to make a fire and use the tripod, billy, oil & butter to cook and eat the roe in the quickest possible time.  There were some comments that it tasted like chicken and some really enjoyed it, and there were also some funny faces pulled, along with some dry reaching with one girl in particular who didn’t normally eat fish, let alone the fish roe!

I must say the kids didn’t seem to mind the muddy conditions.  It added another element to a couple of activities on the water’s edge which were mud runs, barrel swim obstacle courses and raft building.  There had been some rain during December which had the Nerang River flowing into the dam at a reasonable pace.  The kids enjoyed the tribal challenge of the river swim where they had to compete against each other to manoeuvre their way upstream and then downstream to reach markers which had a code inscribed on them and it was a matter of reaching all markers and deciphering the code in the quickest possible time.  The water flow meant some small rapids were created and the kids loved cruising down in their life jackets trying to avoid as many rocks and as much weed as possible.  The fresh run off made the water in this area a little more murky than normal, but it still didn’t deter the kids on one of the final activities which was set up in a great race type activity where each tribe competed against each other to solve clues to move to a new point in the campsite.  One section of the race had the tribes use a goggle and snorkel to retrieve a clue which was submerged in the Nerang River in a water proof canister with a coloured glow stick which correlated to their tribe.

There were plenty of challenging activities both at the campsite and at the dam for both groups, which included abseiling for the older group, and we certainly made the most of the conditions...

The tribes enjoyed exploring the creeks that flow into Hinze dam, catching freshwater yabbies in scoop nets. Daniel from John Paul College, pictured holding a yabbie, was the Ultimate Survivor on the 11-14 year old camp. It was Daniel's forth survivor camp and his success was well deserved.

The raft building exercise on the survivor camp required the participants to display leadership, initiative and team work to complete the task of making it across the dam and back. The Terminators, pictured, managed to make it across before their raft disintegrated on their return trip.