School Holiday Camps

September 2008 Survivor Camp Review

The group of 37 boys and 30 girls were blessed with perfect weather for the September School Holiday Survivor Camp.  The group commenced the camp by setting up their tents, which is a great team building activity within itself.  It also gives the boys and girls the opportunity to see how each other work, and it helps them to determine who they would like to be with once they form their tribes...because ultimately, they want their tribe to win!

There were a large number in the group who had participated in a previous Survivor Camp, so it was once again mixed with a number of new activities to ensure these participants weren’t repeating exactly the same camp.  A couple of the new activities were orienteering and a rescue mission.  To complete the orienteering course, which was half based on land and half on the water, the students had to use a compass and follow directions, firstly through the forest and later by paddling a canoe to get to the respective marker on the dam.  It was set up as a great race type activity and the participants thrived on the challenge.  Another interesting activity required the students to build a rescue raft and using a long length of rope ferry each other across the dam until everyone was on the other side.  It was a challenge based on practical skills, but they had to think about their construction, and the order to send team members across to the other side.  Together with activities such as open fire cooking where the students cooked rice and made damper, and fishing in the electric powered boats where they had to catch their dinner, it was great survivor stuff!

The students caught some fantastic fish, with quite a few Australian bass in the mid 40cm range.  Jack caught the largest bass of the camp, which measured 48cm.  When kids are catching large fish and sometimes a couple at the same time, in the same boat, which is quite common because bass do school, the laughter and excitement coming from the kids is something to be seen.  Once their job of landing the fish was complete, the students had to peel all their potatoes and a few tribe members took on the role of breadcrumbing the fish fillets.  They all enjoyed a meal of fresh fish & chips.

The final component of the camp was the Ultimate Survivor Challenge.  For three days, the participants competed in challenges, but they also went to tribal council daily and based on a point system, one person from each tribe was awarded the chance to compete for the Ultimate Survivor Prize.  There had been great tribal spirit created throughout the camp and with the tribes creating theme songs and supporting their leading member into the final challenges, it was a great way to conclude three fun-filled days.  The ultimate survivor challenges were once again all new.  There were six small challenges, which included simple practical things such as hammering in a large tent peg, but also focused on a social element by making the leading survivors name as many other participants as possible.  And with the number of names those people knew, it was quite incredible.   This was actually a key indicator of how well the group got along together, because they were an awesome group of young boys and girls who got along extremely well.  This ensured everyone had a fantastic camping experience.

Congratulations to Alex who took out the Ultimate Survivor Prize.  It was Alex’s fourth Survivor camp and a well deserved reward.  A very special thank you to L. Wilson & Co for once again providing all the major prizes for the camp.

Grace was full of excitement when she managed to pull this bass in on the school holiday survivor camp.

Jack caught this thumping bass off the point of Roy's Run on the survivor camp.