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Somerville House Father & Daughter Review 07 #2

...Somerville House was back on their second fishing and horse riding weekend for the month. The fathers & daughters fished the same area as Grammar, except for the fact they tended to venture up further into the far upper reaches of the eastern arm. As the group fished further up the arm, they tended to have more success in the middle of the dam as opposed to the edges. Both groups fished exclusively with live shrimp and they could do no wrong. Most anglers picked up 20 odd bass each, which netted a total of around 800 bass for two sessions on the water. Around 1500 live shrimp were used in the process. The catch was predominantly bass too, with only a couple of eel tailed catties thrown in. It's a massive task to make something like this happen, but when you see the kids fishing with their dads and catching so many fish, it makes it all worth while. Once again the horse riding component was a winner with the young girls. On this particular weekend all the girls and just a few dads went on the ride and the other fathers in the group loaded up their rods with some surface poppers to target the wild bass in the creeks that run through the horse riding property. Even though no bass were landed in the attempt, just to have the chance to throw in a line in this environment was fantastic. I'm sure one of the fathers, Rob, will remember the scenery too. He headed around some rocky edges to gain his own secluded area, but unfortunately on his return, he lost his footing and slid down a step rocky face and went straight into the water. In the process of trying to hold on as he was sliding, he ripped all his finger prints off. That's got to hurt! Lucky there was first aid on site and plenty of pain killers left in the esky. The parents on these weekends enjoy helping out and contributing towards the evening meal, as do the kids, but the example of Rob still wanting to get involved, complete with both hands bandaged, typified the spirit of the weekend.

Once again a special thank you to all the contributors to the sample bags that the kids on these weekends received. They all picked up a Sports Tuition cap, Bush n Beach Fishing Magazine, McDonald's voucher, Wilson & SureCatch stickers, SureCatch knots book, Mustad hooks, Learn to Fish DVD from DPI & F and other miscellaneous fishing items kindly donated by L. Wilson & Co.

 It was a double hook up with Craig landing this big eel tailed catfish and his daughter, Holly landing this great bass on the Somerville weekend.