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Father & Son Review Dec 07

It's been sensational spring season fishing at Hinze Dam and there have been plenty of people enjoying this great fishery. And the good news is that as we commence summer, we know the fishing is only going to get better. The dam's capacity is hovering around the 58% mark, which means the only boat ramp accessible is the Mudgeeraba ramp at the far upper reaches of the Eastern arm. The other good news is that it doesn't take long to get into the action. Australian bass, yellowbelly, silver perch, Saratoga and eel-tailed catfish have been regularly caught in the square area encompassing the Water Tower, Paul's Point, Ragsies Reach and Rippers Reach. The fish are in great numbers and it's all in close proximity to the boat ramp.

It is amazing what a couple of weeks can make though when you're impoundment fishing. As you are most probably aware, Hinze dam supplies water for the majority of the Gold Coast, and hence, the water level can drop quite dramatically if there is no rain.

Sports Tuition recently conducted a father & son fishing weekend and the group launched all the boats and canoes from the Numinbah boat ramp at the far upper reaches of the Western arm. The fishing in this area was superb all through winter & spring and it was the only area where we ventured with the charters. There were catches of Australian bass that exceeded the 52cm mark and silver perch which measured 50cm, some big yellowbelly too, and not to mention a 90cm Saratoga. During the recent father & son weekend, the group fished the points and entrances to small inlets in this area. As the water level was continuing to drop the fish were moving further into the main body of the dam, but in saying that, the fish were still holding in around 6m of water and the group didn't have to travel any further than a few hundred metres shy of the area of Ray's Run.

The father & son weekend commenced with a workshop at the campsite on knots & rigs and there was a run down on how to use lures. There was also some casting practice, and with boys being boys, we had to make a competition out of it. The winner was 10 year old Sam who came up trumps under pressure and he was awarded a SureCatch SuperCrank diving lure as his prize. Sam will no doubt catch plenty of fish using his prize as it has been one of the form lures of the spring season.

With all the theory covered and a little bit of practical thrown in, and after a quick hamburger, it was time to hit the water. The objective of the afternoon session was to catch enough fish for dinner. The group managed this is quick time and there was a good catch of bass, yellowbelly and silver perch. All fish were landed using live shrimp as bait.

The Sunday session was similar with most people catching between 10-15 fish each. The session also comprised of a learn to fly fish workshop with Leeann Payne. Small groups rotated through the morning to learn the craft. It is a much sought after skill and all the boys and fathers were greatly appreciative of Leeann's expertise and advice.

Overall, the weekend was very enjoyable and the only difficulty was getting the boats in and out of the water. As mentioned the water level was dropping and putting boats into such shallow water with soft muddy edges was becoming a very messy exercise.

It actually wasn't long after that weekend that there was a 30m mud ring around the makeshift ramp that we were using, and hence, the ramp became totally inaccessible. With construction now under way with the raising of the dam wall which has resulted in an exclusion zone around the wall, which includes both the eastern and western ramps of the main basin, the reality was that there was only one ramp accessible, which was the ramp in the upper reaches of the eastern arm...

Not only did Sam, 10, win the casting competition on the Father & Son weekend on the Saturday morning, he picked up around 20 bass like this during the afternoon session on the water.

This 48cm bass was landed on a ½ day charter using live shrimp in the upper reaches of the eastern arm. It was released to fight another day. Luke knew others would enjoy catching this fish. Fish of this quality are great fun to catch and we know they are eating the banded grunter too, which is an added bonus.