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Somerville House Father & Daughter Review 06

Somerville Sizzle at Hinze
It is fair to say that Somerville House, a prestigious all girls' school in Brisbane, has dominated Hinze Dam this year. Earlier in the year the senior girls won the Head of the River Rowing competition, but recently it was the younger girls who ventured to Hinze with their fathers on a Sports Tuition Father & Daughter fishing weekend. It was Somerville's fifth annual fishing weekend and it was certainly one to remember. The girls split into two groups over the weekend and one group fished and the other worked with Leeann Payne on the bank to work through a number of workshops which included knots & rigs, soft plastics, lures and fly-casting. The group was also excited to have Steve Starling pop in and work with Leeann on the Saturday and a few of the girls ended up being in a commercial for the latest Fishing DVD.

The morning fishing session was a bit patchy and funnily enough the bass didn't really come on the bite until around 11:30am which is quite unusual for this time of year. The bass have definitely been on the afternoon bite and the afternoon fishing group caught plenty. The bass have been schooling along the bank behind Ian's Island and around the corner of the bank opposite Silver Perch Point. All participants on Sports Tuition fishing charters use a Wilson Foreshore Rod combined with a Ghost reel loaded with 15lb Mustad line and one catch that proved very interesting on the light gear was a fish Harriet landed. Well, it was an eel actually and it was about 1.5m long and as thick as your leg. Harriet's dad, Steve, had the eel in the landing net, but then it slimed its way out and onto the floor of the canoe. I was around the corner and heard all the commotion, so I had to take a look. When I motored over, Harriet was perched, with her feet tucked up, on the tiny bow of the canoe and she was ready to jump in the water to escape. It was a team effort to actually get the eel out of the canoe and even though Harriet decided to release the eel, I bet the memory is forever etched in her mind.


Tony, fishing with his daughter Eilis, caught the first bass of the father & daughter weekend. The 42cm specimen was a sign of good things to come.

Steve & Harriet had a ball fishing together and in their mixed bag they netted plenty of bass like these two.

Fathers & Daughters with some of their catch at the campsite.

John & Madeline caught this fantastic bass at the entrance of Bonnor's Bay.

Rob & Brittani with their Australian bass that were caught using live shrimp as bait.

A few of the girls peeling potatoes which would be cut into chips and accompany their fresh bass fillets for dinner.