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Churchie Yr 1 Father & Son Weekend Review Dec 06

...Churchie Conquer Hinze

The Year 1 boys at the Anglican Church Grammar School or Churchie as it is known also recently enjoyed a fishing weekend at Hinze. The format was slightly different because of the ages of those involved. All the boys in Year 1 were six and most of the families had other siblings with a large contingent of five year old girls in the group as well. With such a young group on the water it was certainly an advantage to have families fish in Sports Tuition’s Quintrex 370 Travellers. Some of the older kids fished in the canoes. The group basically fished in the afternoon and then went to the campsite where they had dinner and roasted marshmallows around the campfire and then fished the following morning. The group fished the far upper reaches of the dam. The average size bass caught was around 35cm, which are good size fish for anyone, let alone 5 & 6 year olds. The kids certainly enjoyed catching Australian bass and for most of them it was their first ever fish, but I think the kids enjoyed driving the boats and canoes just as much as the fishing itself.

All the kids on the fishing weekends were presented Mustad sample bags which contained a number of fishing related items. Special thanks to L. Wilson & Co, BNB & DPI & F for contributing towards these bags...