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Father & Daughter Fishing Review May 08

Fathers fishing and horse riding with their daughters was a great start to the April school holidays. It was quality time at its best and the time on the water at Hinze was something they will remember for a very long time. Hinze turned on the action and some very impressive fish were caught. Saratoga were in a feeding frenzy with five being landed over the weekend. There were also silver perch, yellowbelly, the odd eel-tailed catfish and a heap of bass landed.

The weekend started with a brief meeting at the campsite to set up their cabins before half the group ventured to the Numinbah Valley Adventure Trails for a three hour horse ride. The ride was broken for some billy tea and damper along one of the most beautiful running creeks you could imagine. The other half hit the water and had an amazing morning fishing session. The groups reconvened at the campsite for some burgers for lunch before swapping sessions in the afternoon.

The group that fished the Saturday morning session certainly produced the goods. Guided by Mick Turner, every person caught plenty of fish. There was a dominant toga boat in the group with Brittney Jamison landing two toga, her dad one and her sister Ellyse another. All these toga were caught using live shrimp in the far upper reaches of the western arm, which was where both fishing days were conducted. Robbie Robinson also picked up a Saratoga on the Sunday morning. The location was a little further towards the main basin of the dam, and again, it was on live shrimp.

Nearly all the fish during the weekend were landed on live shrimp. There were a few efforts on lures, but the only person who had success was Martina Toman who managed to pull in a nice bass on a Come in Spinner spinner bait which was being trolled behind the boat. The Come in Spinner baits are new on the market and the anglers who are regularly using these at Hinze are having great success.

On the Saturday a few fish were kept which allowed the fathers to run through a fish filleting workshop. The girls were kept busy too, with the jobs of peeling potatoes and breadcrumbing all the fillets. The meal preparation is a very important aspect of the weekend, because it role models to the young girls what can be achieved if you cooperate and work as a team. And I must say the group were simply awesome. The fathers all contributed in a number of different ways over the weekend and the girls did an amazing job too. Not only did the girls catch fish, help prepare the dinner, they also built a great fire which they used to toast marshmallows.

The weekend was a great opportunity to introduce Australian bass and freshwater fishing to a number of people. Bass fight incredibly hard and when you see the rods curling over, the excitement on the faces and the amount of fish caught, it really highlights what a great fishery Hinze Dam is. The largest bass measured 43cm which was caught and released at the point of the entrance of Just down from Roy's Run. This area, leading up to Roy's Run accounted for quite a few bass over the weekend. The points at the entrances to the small inlets are where the majority were caught.

There were also quite a few yellowbelly and silver perch around the 35cm mark caught just a couple of hundred metres from the boat ramp. One of the positive aspects about fishing in the far upper reaches of the dam is that you don't have to travel far to get amongst the action and there was certainly plenty of action on this weekend. A great time was had by all.

It certainly has been a month of great fishing. Over the Easter long weekend, Stewart and a couple of his mates from Melbourne came up for a fish and they weren't disappointed with what Hinze had to offer. The guys opted for a full day charter and picked up about 20 bass each. They were onto a school of bass along Ragsies Reach in the upper reaches of the eastern arm and I could see they weren't going to move for a while, so I thought it was a good time to fire up the barbie, which I had in my boat. After lunch we cruised further up the dam and at the point of a small inlet just around the corner from the end of Ragsies Reach, Stuart was casting a lime green stump jumper to the edges and he picked up a great toga. The same lure also picked up a nice little bass a couple of casts later.

Mike & Samantha with a very healthy 43cm bass which was released to fight another day.

The Jamieson family had a toga treat. Barry, pictured, caught this one and his daughters also picked up three toga between them.

Isabella, 11, with a hard fighting Australian bass landed during the father & daughter weekend.

The girls did a fantastic job breadcrumbing all the fillets.

After dinner it was time for the girls to get the fire going and toast some marshmallows.

Stewart Oldmeadow was stoked with his Hinze toga.

A very cute little bass with a very cute little angler. Lauren enjoyed catching bass and she also enjoyed driving the boats on the father & daughter weekend.