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Mother & Son Fishing Weekend Nov 06

Ten magnificent mothers and their sons converged on Hinze Dam on 16-17 September in search of Australian bass. The weather wasn't pretty, with showers all through the day, but it meant there was very little wind and the calm conditions help them to net plenty of bass.

The Mother & Son Weekend commenced with a short workshop on knots and rigs. The mothers and sons learned how to tie a paternoster knot and how to secure their sinker on the bottom of their line. This was followed by a quick demo on how to bait their live shrimp, and finally, there was a run through on how to operate the electric motors.

The group motored down the western arm and because of the overcast and calm conditions, they didn't have to wait long before their first hook up. From the points off Gramma's Kitchen down to Ray's Run was where the majority of bass were landed on day one.

At the end of the fishing session, it was off to the campsite to prepare the catch for dinner. The mums were put through a fish filleting workshop and all the boys had the job of peeling the potatoes and the mums helped cut the potatoes into chips. Once the bass were filleted, they were dusted in flour and cooked on the BBQ and the group sat down together and ate fish and chips for dinner.

Because of the tremendous success the group had on day one, it was decided to once again head down the western arm of the dam the following morning in search of more bass. Unfortunately, the group didn't have the same weather conditions, and hence, didn't catch as many fish as the first day. The skies cleared and the wind picked up. The group still managed to catch bass, but nowhere in the numbers that were landed the day before. Both sides of the western arm were explored and some great sized bass, well over 40cm were landed.

The weekend proved to be very social. There were plenty of screams, and laughter with hook ups and the group thoroughly enjoyed each others' company over the two days. I bet the boys thought their mum was the best fisho in the world and were ever so grateful they took the time to make a special weekend of fishing with them.

Fishing in the comfort of the Quintrex 370 Traveller with their mums, Mitchell landed this bass and Jason hooked one of the dreaded banded grunter.

Carmen & Ethan with a couple of fantastic bass caught on the Mother & Son Weekend.