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Father & Son Fishing Review June 07

...On the back of the Survivor Camp was Sports Tuition's Father & Son Fishing Weekend. A group of 61 participated. The kids on the Survivor Camp did a lot of the hard work in locating the bass in the far upper reaches, which made it somewhat easier to put the fathers and sons straight onto the fish.

We were once again extremely fortunate to have Leeann Payne conduct the workshops for the group. Leeann covered knots & rigs, lures, soft plastics and everyone also learned how to cast lures and also how to fly-cast, which is a much sort after skill.

The catch rate was extremely high and some fantastic fish were caught. The catch of the trip had to be a silver perch which was landed by Todd from Villanova College which was nudging the 50cm mark. Hundreds and hundreds of Australian bass were caught, of which a number were kept which allowed the fathers to run through a fish filleting workshop at the campsite. At the same time, the boys were busily peeling the potatoes and then breadcrumbing the fillets. It was a great father and son team effort in preparing the meal.

A week later, it was also a pleasure to once again host a Father & Son group from Mt Carmel College at Coorparoo. The boys were in Year 2 last year and were a little young to get involved in the meal preparation, but a year on and they were certainly in the thick of things. All the boys did a great job, not only catching a heap of fish, but in preparing the fish for dinner.

On the first day's fishing for this group, it was evident what a huge role the barometric pressure plays with the bass coming into a feeding frenzy as the heavy clouds rolled in. Fortunately, there were only a few showers and the threatening storm passed, and the result was a stack of fish in very quick time.

A very special thank you to L. Wilson & Co, Bush n Beach Fishing Magazine, DPI & F and McDonalds for contributing towards the sample bags. The support is greatly appreciated.

Harrison, with dad Peter, caught plenty of great bass like this one on the Father & Son Fishing Weekend.

Todd landed this fantastic Silver Perch on the Father & Son weekend.

There have been quite a few Silver Perch caught recently, Alex picked up this one on the Mt Carmel Father & Son weekend.

The Mt Carmel group was once again fortunate to have Chris Penglis, from Penglis Fisheries on the weekend and Chris was happy to demonstrate to the other fathers how to effectively fillet fish.