Upcoming & Past Weekends

BFO Comp July 07

Hinze Dam Australian bass have measured over the 50cm mark recently and on the Brisbane Fishing Online Club competition weekend, as the club members were preparing to launch their fishing craft, Mick Turner cruised into the ramp with an awesome 52cm bass. Mick gave everyone the opportunity to see this trophy sized bass before he released it, and it was also evidence that the bass are thriving at Hinze.

The Brisbane Fishing Online (BFO) Club has been the first club to utilise Sports Tuition's fishing weekend format to host a competition. L. Wilson & Co sponsored the event and their support was greatly appreciated and it had the anglers primed to catch that fish that would net them one of the major prizes. The group had a combination of novice to experienced freshwater anglers. The girls also accounted for a good percentage of the group which was fantastic to see. BFO encourages beginners to the experienced for their club which obviously is internet based, but no matter what experience the angler had, they knew they were competing for quality prizes. Up for grabs for the largest bass on the Saturday was a LiveFibre rod, the 7' Classic Plastic 2kg Spin. Together with the latest braid on the market from Mustad, and other assorted prizes, every fish category was covered with a great prize.

The group fished the Saturday from 10:00am to 4:30pm and with the use of the SureCatch portable aerators, each competitor was able to create a live-well to keep their fish in top condition and upgrade if necessary. The competitors were able to keep only one bass. As it turned out, Richie Muir measured in the largest bass of the day at 44.5cm and in the process picked up the LiveFibre rod, which is perfect for flicking soft plastics around the dam. This was a fantastic result for Richie and all the club members were thrilled for him...well as thrilled as they could be, because it was Richie's first ever time freshwater fishing and everyone knew that he would put that quality LiveFibre rod to good use over the years to come because he would be hooked for life!

At the end of an awesome day's fishing where 370 Australian bass were landed, it was off to the campsite to prepare that one fish each for dinner. It was an unusual situation at the campsite preparing dinner because on these weekends I always get the kids to peel the potatoes, but with an all adult weekend, someone had to do it, but nobody seemed to mind. Everyone chipped in with the spuds (pardon the pun!) and the filleting of the fish. There were one or two ales consumed by the campfire after dinner and there were a few stories of that big one that got away. There were plenty of competitors who measured in some great bass on the first day and the combination to determine the overall winner of the weekend was taken on the length of two bass. The first caught on the Saturday could have been on lure or live shrimp, but the bass on the Sunday had to be on artificial only. The other prize categories were for the longest Yellowbelly, Silver Perch, Mary River Cod, Saratoga, eel-tailed catfish and banded grunter. If a prize category wasn't claimed, the prize went to the next person who had the longest bass. Category prize winners were Angus Gorrie for longest Yellowbelly, James Wahry for longest Silver Perch, Ray Kennedy for longest eel-tailed catfish, Jeff Flynn for longest banded grunter, and Rod & Kathy Vardy both picked up prizes for their great bass because there wasn't a Mary River Cod or Saratoga caught during the course of the weekend. However, the man of the moment was Andrew Kennedy who managed to land a good size bass on the Sunday using a black G-Vibe lipless crankbait to have his grand total measure in at 73cm and take the first prize which was a LiveFibre Sportfishing Blade 'n' Tails 7' 2-4kg Light Spin rod. This is the latest LiveFibre rod on the market and if you're looking for an edge, and you're serious about your fishing, this is the ideal rod for you.

One of the great things I noted about the BFO club was that there were no big egos. The weekend was designed around good fishing, but the major focus was to relax and socialise. It was also educational. Members had the opportunity to practice the knots for the rig we use before hitting the water on the Saturday and on the Sunday there was an optional session with Leeann Payne on fly-casting. Leeann instructed 6 girls for about 1 ½ hours which was followed by another half dozen guys who were keen to learn the art too. A special thank you to Leeann for once again being involved with the program.

BFO conduct a range of fishing trips and weekends away. If you're interested to find out more about the club, and I strongly recommend and encourage you to do so, visit www.brisbanefishingonline.com.au and log in. It is free to join and when you're on the website you will pick up important boating and fishing information as well as having the opportunity for an on-line chat with anglers who have similar interests. If you're a novice or experience fisho, check the club out.

Birthday parties on Hinze are also becoming more common. A week after the BFO all adult event, it was my pleasure to take a group of 10 year olds out, which was phase one of the birthday party. The birthday boy, Lochie, had been on a half day charter with me before, but this time he had the company of all his mates. The group were having a ball driving the canoes around and they all picked up some excellent sized bass. All the boys also received party bags which contained a variety of stickers from LiveFibre, SureCatch, Wilsons & Bush n Beach. They also received Wilson Double Strike soft plastics, SureCatch fishing rig, Learn to fish DVD, BNB Fishing magazine and a McDonald's voucher. Thank you to Wilsons, BNB, DPI & F and McDonald's for providing these items.

All the fishing events of late have been based around the western boat ramp. The bass are full of roe which means you don't have to travel far from the ramp, because all the fish are heading closer to the dam wall in search of the salt to spawn. There is a shelf that drops off to 11m about 60m off Pelican Point. This shelf is holding some excellent size bass at the moment. Patterson's Point, Bonnors Bay, Ted's Waterfall and Eagles Nest Cove are the other locations holding excellent bass.

The recent rain hasn't impacted on the dam's capacity to a large extent. The capacity sits at 66% so hopefully the South-East will get more winter rainfalls.

Mick was pretty excited to land this 52cm Australian bass.

These four girls picked up plenty of bass during the BFO Comp.

The competitors in the BFO comp also had the opportunity to have some expert tuition on fly-casting from Leeann Payne.

The BFO category prize winners.

Richie's 44.5cm bass that secured first prize on the Saturday of the BFO comp.

Birthday boy, Lochie, centre, picked up his best bass off Patterson's Point.