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Father & Son Fishing Weekend July 06

With the cold mornings and nights, it's the perfect opportunity to use the heat of the day to its full advantage to fish Hinze Dam. As we head into the middle of winter, there is no need to get up at the crack of dawn because the fishing continues to be amazing right throughout the day. As a matter of fact, the fishing has been the quietest early morning and late afternoon and combined with the fact that it can be quite chilly on the water during these times, particularly in the shady areas, they're not bad times to avoid.

Winter in general for freshwater fishing means you aren't going to catch as many fish, however, I am happy to report that the fishing at Hinze dam has yet to slow down.

Sports Tuition recently conducted a Father & Son fishing weekend with a group where all the boys were from the same class (Year 2) at their school. Over two sessions on the water the group caught over 400 Australian bass, one yellowbelly and one eel-tailed catfish. You could imagine how much fun the 7-year-old boys were having and I was asked by one of the fathers if this fishing was normal for this time of year. I must admit that during this time each year we don't normally catch that many. However, since the rapid increase in water a few months back, the catch rates have remained high. The dam still sits at 95% capacity and is well worth fishing.

At this time of year the bass are full of roe and are heading down stream in search of salt water to spawn. Obviously this can't happen, but it does mean a couple of things. The bass you are going to catch are going to have big, fat bellies and if you're launching your craft from the boat ramps near the dam wall, you won't have to motor far to land some fish. One of the best locations of late has been about 150m from the Western boat ramp at Pelican Point. There is an exposed grass island and if you fish around 5m from the edges you will be in about 8m of water and this is where bass have been regularly schooling. We have had a great deal of success with freshwater yabbies being cast right next to the grass. One advantage of using the yabbies is that the banded grunter don't tend to get into them as quickly as the live shrimp. However, with catch rates, the shrimp are hard to beat and have accounted for plenty of bass in this area too. Yellowbelly have also been picked up in this area, both on shrimp and on hard bodied lures trolling. The yellowbelly all seem to be of a similar size of late, around the 53-54cm mark.