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Father & Son Weekend Sept 07

There have been some thumping bass caught this month at Hinze Dam, however, the majority of the fishing has been confined to the upper reaches of the western arm. Sports Tuition charters have basically worked the upper reaches since the roll over last month. Reports from other anglers who fished the main basin were discouraging to say the least. In the weeks after the roll over, the only successful method used was to use live shrimp as bait. However, it is pleasing to report that bass are now starting to take soft plastics as well. The best results using plastics have been to cast to the edges near the steep rocky areas. These areas tend to have deep drop offs too. The most success has been with the pale blue 2" slider grubs on a 1/8 oz jig head.

The upper reaches have certainly produced some brilliant bass and there were plenty of people who braved the cold and sometimes windy winter conditions to experience catching these big bass. However, it is important to note that if you are accessing this area and intend to use the Numinbah boat ramp, the edges are soft mud. The capacity of the dam is now at 61% and the depth of water in this area is declining rapidly. It is not advisable to reverse a trailer in, so the only real options using this area is with a canoe or light boat that you can carry to and from the water.

Even though we have had to battle the conditions and the knee deep mud getting in and out, at the end of the day, it would have to go down as one of the best winter seasons we have had, just purely based on the numbers and the size of the bass landed. Ian Sadler, a regular on the Sports Tuition charters, fished with his daughter on a half day charter recently and picked up a bass just edging over the 52cm mark which is a record for our charters. Ian also landed bass just over and just under the 50cm mark, so his session comprised of some quality bass.

Apart from the regular charters, there were also some large groups to enjoy the winter bass at Hinze. The first was a Father & Son combination which was formed to celebrate the boys' end of season U10 rugby comp. The group picked up 120 bass in just a couple of hours and they decided to keep a few to prepare for lunch back at their campsite. The biggest bass of the day went to Tom who landed a 47cm brute, but overall the group picked up a heap of bass well over the 40cm mark. One of the advantages of fishing the upper reaches is that you don't have to travel far, which gives you more time employing your favourite technique to entice the bass. On this occasion, the group covered no more than 200m during their entire session, which was evidence that the bass are schooling in these upper reaches at the moment.

It was also my pleasure to once again host another 10 year old boy's birthday party last month. On this occasion, the boy's parents opted not to head out on the water with the kids, so the kids had total responsibility of driving their canoe, baiting their lines and most importantly catching their bass. While the parents enjoyed coffee on the bank, the boys had plenty of fun catching Australian bass out on the water. The added bonus for kids this age is that they do get to drive their own boat or canoe which I can tell you is half the fun for kids. Sometimes it's hard to actually get them to fish! At the end of the day, it was a unique experience for many of the group and I must say the boys also enjoyed eating and drinking everything that was prepared for them on the water too.

There now regularly seems to be bass caught at Hinze between the 50-52cm mark and the average size of each bass is rapidly increasing. I mentioned one theory last month about the bass eating banded grunter. This is certainly the case as I found out during the filleting of a bass. A banded grunter, together with a freshwater yabbie had obviously just been consumed by an average size bass. So it seems there is something good to come from these pesty grunter.

Andrew with a great size bass taken in the upper reaches of the western arm.

Luke, fishing with his 4 year old son Harry, had a great time landing plenty of bass like these ones.

10 year old Tom with a thumping 47cm bass taken on live shrimp. Tom used great skills to land this fish which had plenty of fight and took plenty of line before it finally succumb to the battle.

Howard enjoyed celebrating his birthday on the water and sharing the experience of catching bass with his mates.

The boys celebrating Howard's 10th birthday, pulled up together to sing happy birthday and enjoy the birthday cake and cold drinks.

During a filleting exercise, there was evidence of bass eating banded grunter and freshwater water yabbies.