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Father & Son Fishing Weekend Sept 08

...It's amazing what a difference two days can make. After a mid-week cold snap for the Survivor Camp, we were blessed with perfect winter conditions for the Father & Son Fishing Weekend. After dinner the group converged around the fires to toast some marshmallows wearing only short sleeved shirts and shorts, something that would have been impossible two days earlier.

The father and son group certainly encountered better conditions and with no wind at all, the dam's water surface was like glass. The fishing was red-hot too, with hundreds and hundreds of Australian bass caught, and along with six yellowbellys caught in one session, which is great-going for Hinze.

After dinner the boys were very keen to use the fish frames to set some shrimp traps in the dam, and to their delight, they managed to collect some very large shrimp the following morning. After the traps were set it was back to the fires where lots of laughs were had and a great weekend was had by all.

Over the past several years, spring has always been very productive. Bass will start to take soft plastics, hard bodied lures, spinner baits and fly. The bass will start to move into shallow water and fishing early and late will net the best results. Traditionally the weather is always great too, which will be a welcome relief after this cold winter, particularly for those youngsters who will take the Survivor Challenge in the September school holidays.