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Family Fishing Weekend July 06

On the 10-11 June, Sports Tuition held a family fishing weekend at Hinze Dam. On the Saturday, the group was met with very ordinary weather conditions for comfort, but perfect conditions for the bass to fire. The weather factors in our favour were the full moon, showers for most of our fishing session and no wind to contend with.

The group met at the dam at 10am on the Saturday and after a quick run through on the knots and rigs, we were in the canoes and boats heading for our first fishing spot of Pelican Point. Everyone managed to land bass in this area, however, Betsy set the bench mark with a bass that measured half her age. Without giving too much away, I can tell you the bass was over the 40cm mark. Betsy was part of a family who decided to make the weekend truly a family fishing weekend and the family consisted of both sets of grandparents, two parents and two kids. Other families had kids as young as five, so the age range was 5-82. It proved to be an absolutely amazing weekend.

Considering the age range and fishing conditions that we had on the Saturday, we didn't actually fish for that long, probably about 3 hours on the water. Most of the crew were wet and we were starting to get a little cold, so clearly the best option was to head for an early hot shower at the campsite. The group managed to pick up over 200 bass in that short time frame and we kept a few to take back to the campsite to run through fish filleting for the adults and some of the older kids.

The weather conditions on the Sunday were a stark contrast to the Saturday. The wind was howling and picked up more as the morning went on. The canoes, being more streamlined didn't have much trouble in the wind, but the tinnies found the going a bit slower and chewed through much more battery power. Because the group didn't see much of the dam on the Saturday, we thought we would motor down the Eastern arm and have a fish along Ragsies Reach and Paul's Point. The move basically reinforced the fishing pattern of the bass being closer to the dam wall. There were still a number of bass landed, but certainly not in the schools of the previous day. It was more like a bass here and there and then having to move to a new location. I am not exactly sure what the wind speed was, but at a guess, it would have been around 35-40knots. The dam was as choppy as being out in the ocean, so the group was all heading back to the ramp with not as much success as the previous day. Well, I should say the majority of the group was heading back, I was a little worried about one of the tinnies out in the group because of the strong wind, and I couldn't see them making much progress. I thought they may have had some battery power problems. The Ranger at the dam had agreed to send a boat to rescue them. However, I then spotted the tinny off in the distance and called off the rescue mission. One of the canoes darted back with an extra battery, but the four in the boat didn't know what all the fuss was about, they brought back a bucket full of bass! It's great to know the help is there though if it is ever needed, so I must thank the Ranger for that. Speaking of help, I must also thank Mick Power and Des Green for their assistance with these weekends. It certainly makes my job much easier and the help is greatly appreciated. Thank you also to L. Wilson & Co and BNB for the sample bags for the kids. They really do get very excited about what they receive.

Aaron picked up this 42cm bass on a SureCatch red and white Superbass popper. Aaron had experienced the thrill of freshwater fishing before, but this was his first fish taken off the surface.

We don't come across many of these eel-tailed catfish at Hinze, but this big one was picked up by Fokel, using a LiveFibre Texalium spin rod. It was a great effort on light gear.

Diede had great fun catching plenty of Australian bass like this one.

Tearske fishing with her mum Lucie picked up this nice bass when fishing in one of Sports Tuition's Quintrex 370 Travellers which are powered by Minn Kota electric motors.

Maris thoroughly enjoyed his session on Hinze Dam. The Australian bass were plentiful.

Betsy started the family fishing weekend in style with this nice bass that measured 41cm.