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Brisbane Grammar School Father & Son Fishing 07

We are certainly in the peek time to fish Hinze Dam at the moment. The half day charters that have ventured out have had unbelievably high catch rates. Bass continue to school up in the far reaches of the western arm and when live shrimp are dropped in the middle of them, it doesn't take long to land a bass. We have also had some great catches on lures as well. Talylor-made lures which dive to 3m have proved to entice bass, as have the SureCatch Supercranks both in the 45mm and 65mm which dive a little deeper. As the day progresses, the bright lure colours such as pink and fluoro yellow/orange have consistently produced bass. As well as some very large bass being caught, it has also been encouraging to catch some baby bass on shrimp and lure. The Hinze Dam Fish Management group continue to regularly stock the dam and it is great to see the young bass thriving and they are starting to be caught now. We have had some very excited fishos land some incredibly small bass.

The school holidays proved to be an ideal time for plenty of youngsters to hit the water. And with the fishing being so good, they couldn't have timed their experience on the water any better. A recent weekend trip involving school kids was a Father & Son weekend which saw Brisbane Grammar School involved in their first Sports Tuition Fishing Weekend. All the boys were in Year 6. It was fantastic to have Grammar involved, which is arguably the finest school in Queensland. Brisbane Grammar have a strong tradition of academic excellence and offer their students an extensive extracurricular program, and the feedback I received from the parents prior to and after this weekend focused on the wonderful approach the school takes in endeavouring to promote family based activities.

The weekend was totally fishing based, so after a quick brief on the rig and how to operate the boats and canoes, the group set off down the western arm. The hour trip down the arm provided the opportunity for everyone to get a really good look at the dam and it also provided the opportunity for the boys to have some fun being in control of the Minn Kota electrics and driving the boats and canoes. The time spent travelling this distance proved to be very worthwhile. The group caught 107 bass in very quick time. It was even decided that because so many were caught so quickly that we would head to the campsite a little earlier to get dinner on. All the fathers were put through a quick fish filleting workshop and then proceeded to fillet all the bass. Meanwhile, the boys were busily peeling potatoes and breadcrumbing the fillets as soon as their dad had finished the filleting. It was a real team effort in preparing dinner.

After dinner the fathers and sons each set a shrimp trap in the dam, using the bass frames as bait. The next morning they awoke to a few shrimp and freshwater yabbies. The evening was capped off by roasting marshmallows around the fire. It was a huge first day with more fishing to follow the next morning. As the bass are continuing to school up the far reaches, it was decided to launch all the boats and canoes much further up the dam the following morning. The group had to be a little more patient for their catch, but they landed some great bass.

Henry caught this great Silver Perch using live shrimp on the BGS Father & Son fishing weekend.

David picked up this great bass in the upper reaches of the dam on the Father & Son weekend.

William enjoyed exploring the dam on the Father & Son weekend and picked up plenty of excellent sized bass like this one.