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Brisbane Grammar School Father & Son Fishing 08

There have been a couple of large school groups enjoying the magnificent fishing of Hinze Dam recently. The first group was a father & son combination from Brisbane Grammar School. Brisbane Grammar is a boys' school which maintains a strong tradition of academic excellence and operates an extensive extracurricular program. This was the second year in a row that the school has been involved in the fishing weekend, and I must say that these weekends simply don't happen without the enthusiastic parents and the School's leadership team who encourage and support the values of the weekend. So, thank you to all those involved.

Hinze Dam's capacity has been hovering around the 57-58% mark for the past couple of months; therefore, we were basically dealt the same options as far as entry to the dam goes. With work on the dam wall excluding the eastern and western ramps, and with no water at the Numinbah end in the far upper reaches of the western arm, the only option the group had was to launch all the boats from the Mudgeeraba entrance. The fishing pattern has been consistent in this area for a couple of months now and on this particular day, it was no different. There were some enormous Australian bass landed, with some pushing the 50cm mark, but the most pleasing aspect was that everyone experienced catching bass, and plenty of them. A few of the average size bass were kept for dinner and the larger ones were returned to the water to fight another day. One of the most pleasing aspects of fishing this summer has been the lack of banded grunter evident. We know the larger bass are eating them, so hopefully this will continue and the pesty grunter will be eradicated, and those bass will just keep getting bigger!

The Grammar group also had the pleasure to learn a range of fishing skills from Leeann Payne. These types of weekends cater from the novice to the expert and the programs are tailored accordingly. Leeann's knowledge is invaluable and she has the talent to present the information according to the individual's needs. After the fishing session on the Saturday, the group headed to the campsite for their workshop. It included some basics on knots, lures, soft plastics and the boys enjoyed a casting competition too. On the Sunday morning, there were a few fathers & sons who took the opportunity to learn the art of fly-casting with Leeann. You know they're hooked when they place an order for a fly rod the following day! Sports Tuition has now networked with Yellowstone Fly Rods which provides the opportunity for the angler to go from the workshop to the water with the ideal fly gear to target and catch their first bass on fly.

Tony & James enjoyed their time on the water and caught plenty of Australian bass like this one.

Back at the campsite the Grammar boys took part in a casting workshop under the close eye of Leeann Payne.

The boys formed quite a production line for the breadcrumbing of the fillets.