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BFO 2009 Winter Camp Review

...we were back at Hinze Dam hosting Brisbane Fishing Online members for their Winter Camp. The weekend was competition based and the target species were Australian bass and yellowbelly. The wind was still blowing, with the forecast for it to drop on the Sunday. Luckily there is plenty of shelter in the western arm where we launched the boats and the wind dropped quicker than expected anyway. Last month the bass and yellowbelly were pushed farther into the Dam with significant flows in this region, making the water very murky. However, after a few weeks without heavy falls, the Dam has settled again and fish have moved back into this region. The majority of boats only travelled about 200-300m. The timing could not have been better. There were some good yellowbelly caught opposite the Numinbah ramp, close to the bank, which has a steep drop off. The largest yellow measured 43.5cm and was caught by Jeff Flynn. The next two longest yellows were caught by Meg O'Connor and Harald Engel both of which measured 42cm.

Greg Booth set the pace early with a 47cm bass, which was always going to be hard to beat. Although Greg's next fish was a 44cm bass, so he came close. Ben Horne took out second place with a bass of 43.5cm and Jamie Brocket had the next best bass at 43cm.

All three place getters in each category received a SureCatch Ghost Graphite 7' Rod combined with a SureCatch Ghost SSG225 Front drag spinning reel which is pre-loaded with braid and first place getters also received a lure package from Damiki Lures. A very special thank you to L. Wilson & Co and Damiki lures for making these prizes available. The club weekends away with BFO members are more about fun than competition, but at the end of the day, it's great to have some quality product as prizes. The SureCatch Ghost combo is a top little outfit and there have been plenty of past winners back on Hinze testing out their prize, catching plenty of bass and speaking highly of the outfit. It's ideal for freshwater and estuary fishing.

Jeff Flynn with his winning yellowbelly on the BFO Winter Camp at Hinze Dam.

Meg O'Connor caught plenty of bass and this great yellowbelly on the BFO Winter Camp.

Greg Booth's first ever freshwater fish was this 47cm bass. It helped him claim first place in the bass category on the BFO Winter Camp. Greg's next bass measured 44cm. It wasn't a bad introduction to freshwater fishing and Hinze Dam.