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Christmas 08 including Mother & Son Fishing Weekend Review

We've had soaring temperatures and plenty of summer rain which has kept topping up HInze Dam and its current capacity is 100%. Even though the dam is pumping around 70 million litres a day north to Brisbane residents via the Molendinar treatment plant, which is operating at full capacity, the dam is still overflowing. The constant top up hasn't really given the dam the chance to settle, which at times has caused the fishing to be patchy, but overall, we've experienced some exceptional fishing sessions on the dam.

During the school holiday break Sports Tuition hosted a number of groups, the first of which was a Mother & Son group. The group was welcomed with extreme heat, which wasn't great for fishing in an aluminium boat, but the mothers' made the most of the conditions and focused on the reason they were there, which was to spend some quality time on the water with their son. I must say I was most impressed with the mothers' fishing ability. They were keen anglers and even though it was extremely hot, they were keen to fish right through until the end of the day.

It was perfect timing as we left the water, which signalled the start of the rain. The rain was flowing, but so was the champagne as we went back to the campsite. The boys jumped in and peeled the potatoes and breadcrumbed the fillets for dinner, whilst the mum's kept sipping on their champagne. I think you see young boys going that extra distance helping when they know the efforts their mums have gone to. I'm sure it was one of the best Christmas presents the boys could have received from their mum. The mothers and sons launched from the far upper reaches of the western arm at Numinbah. As has been the pattern for the past couple of months, the best catches of bass and yellowbelly have been well into the dam. Working the banks opposite Bass Bay in around 10-11 metres of water produced the quality bass the group was after.

It was once again my pleasure to host a Christmas fish for the boys from Bob Jane Tmarts at Mt Ommaney. It was the groups' 4th consecutive year and even though the fishing was a little patchy and the wind really started to blow mid-session, they had the advantage of starting early in the morning and the boys picked up some quality bass and yellowbelly. The boys fished in the same area as the mothers and sons. Both groups used live shrimp as bait and the only negative using shrimp in this area is the number of banded grunter that also inhabit this region. They certainly chew through the shrimp like you wouldn't believe...there must be thousands of them around there. At times it becomes very frustrating, but luckily there are enough good fish in between the pesty little bites of the grunter, which nibble at the shrimps' legs, slowly killing it before they devour the rest of the shrimp piece by piece. If you require any of Bob Jane's services, I'm sure the boys will be eager to share their fishing stories, and if you're in there, they have a ‘bass spikes fishing expert' who knows where all the dangers are, just ask for Heath.

The frustration of the grunter in the western arm led to the move to start fishing the eastern arm and although there were a few grunter there too, they certainly weren't in the numbers as in the western arm. The next group Sports Tuition hosted was a group of English tourists who travelled over to spend Christmas with the rellies and they were after a truly Australian experience and were keen to try to catch some Australian bass. Everyone achieved their objective with the majority of the bass being landed in the far upper reaches of the eastern arm. The group came across a school of bass located just off the first point on the left of the final stretch of water in the dam. There was also some 40cm bass and one mighty big eel tailed catfish caught just up from Ragsie's Reach. The group also picked up bass along the bank opposite the northern intake tower. The group broke the day up with a BBQ lunch and after lunch some of the kids were just happy driving the canoes around and exploring the dam, whereas some of the adults continued fishing.

One angler who was fishing this region just prior to this group getting on the water picked up two saratoga using River2Sea Stick baits. This lure looks quite bizarre, it's long and thin, but obviously does the job so it might be worthwhile having one in your tackle box.
If you intend to launch from the eastern arm, there is a temporary ramp set up, but be weary that it is only suitable in dry weather. The dirt road is long and steep and you're advised through signage on the gate to use only in dry conditions.

Sam & Rachel had a great time on the Mother & Son weekend and they picked up plenty of quality bass like this one.

Liz's first fish on the mother & son weekend was this 40cm bass. Her son, Henry, was very proud.

The boys from Bob Jane Tmarts at Mt Ommaney always enjoy their time on the water. Heath picked up this nice bass using live shrimp opposite Bass Bay in the western arm.

Daniel picked up this 42cm yellowbelly.

Jamie an English tourist fishing with his daughter, Samantha, started the full day charter with this great bass which was landed working the far upper reaches of the eastern arm.

Charlotte, from England, and holidaying in Australia for Christmas with her family and relatives, was extremely excited to land this monster eel-tailed catfish.