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Churchie Yr 3/4 Father & Son Fishing Weekend 09 #2

The past few weeks has certainly seen a mixed catch at Hinze Dam, which has been a direct result of the mixed weather conditions we've experienced. We've been lucky to incorporate all the activities around the rain. The substantial intake of fresh has resulted in moving the fish farther into the Dam and the Dam's capacity has been topped back up to 100%. It's this time of year that bass roe-up and attempt to find saltwater to spawn. The Nerang River runs through Hinze Dam. Obviously bass aren't going to make it to the salt of the Nerang River, but nonetheless, the bass seem to have that natural instinct to swim downstream, towards the dam wall during this time. Combining this with the significant intake into the far upper reaches really stirring up the water in this region, it hasn't left many fish in the far upper reaches. July has always been a month where the points of the first few inlets closest to the dam wall have produced significant catches of bass. However, with the raising of the dam wall another 15m still in progress, these areas are still out of bounds, which means, if you're launching from either the western or eastern arms, you're best advised to travel as far into the main body of the Dam as possible, without encroaching on the restricted area, which is clearly marked.

Recently, Churchie were back for another Year 3 & 4 father & son fishing weekend and because the catchment area did receive substantial rainfall, the group fished farther into the dam and collected the majority of their catch around Ian's Island and along the bank of Lark's Landing. Hundreds of fish were caught over the weekend, but in contrast to their classmates who picked up 19 yellowbelly in a session a month earlier, there was not one yellowbelly amongst the catch. The boys ended up catching a couple of huge eel-tailed catfish, but apart from those, it was all Australian bass.

To commence the weekend the boys and fathers were all involved in a general freshwater fishing workshop which included learning how to rig the line for shrimp and the boys also had a casting competition using lures without hooks to ensure there were no eyes taken out. This component of the weekend gives the participants more independence on the water and it was great to see young boys persevering and learning how to tie a paternoster knot, which they will be able to use for many years to come, both in the fresh and in the salt. Special thanks to Minn Kota, Humminbird and McDonald's for providing the prizes for the casting workshop...