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Brisbane Grammar School Father & Son Nov 09 Review

After a brief closure, Hinze Dam is once again available for recreation use. SEQWater placed a temporary closure on the dam last month as a precautionary safety measure. The recent dust storms brought chemical fertilizer with them, and together with the warmer temperatures, it reacted with the E-Coili bacteria in the dam. There were abnormally high levels of the bacteria recorded and it covered a vast surface area of the dam. The fish in the dam aren't able to absorb these bacteria, so the quality of the fish hasn't been affected at all.

The timing of the re-opening was all good news for the boys in Grades 6 & 7 of Brisbane Grammar School. It coincided with their father & son fishing weekend with Sports Tuition. It is the school's third year in a row where it has been part of their calendar of events. The school's academic record speaks for itself and it is seen as one of the leading schools in Australia. It's great that the school also places an equally high importance on family values and encourages participation in events like this.

We were at full capacity for this event, which always helps when trying to locate the fish. With seven Quintrex tinnies and seven canoes on the water, all being powered by Minn Kota electric motors, the group was able to cover plenty of territory and work as a team to ascertain what depth level the fish were feeding at throughout the day.

The group launched in the far upper reaches of the western arm and worked down towards Ian's Island. There were quite a few fish caught prior to lunch. The steep rocky wall along Roy's Run produced some nice yellowbelly and a couple of big eel tail catfish. There were plenty of bass along the bank of Lark's Landing and behind the Island as well. The fish were on in numbers. It was just a matter of finding the schools of bass and there was plenty of fun had by everyone. Shortly after the lunch break, the group had reached their quota of fish. We only kept enough fish to feed the group, and once this level was reached, the group employed catch & release tactics. Back at the cabins, the boys all started peeling the potatoes for the chips and then they had the job of bread crumbing all the fish fillets. The group all sat down and enjoyed a meal that they caught and prepared before the boys set up the fires so they could toast marshmallows for their dessert.

The fishing session on Sunday morning also produced some great yellowbelly, bass and silver perch. The group didn't travel as far into the dam, so it's great to see some quality fish moving back into the far upper reaches of the dam. During this weekend, there were predicted showers, but thankfully we didn't receive a drop of rain, but with the barometer up high and combined with the rising water temperature as we move into summer, it certainly stirred the fish into a feeding frenzy. It's going to be a great summer of fishing at Hinze.

Thomas with a nice bass taken on live shrimp behind Ian's Island.

The Brisbane Grammar boys picked up some great yellowbelly on the first day of their father & son fishing weekend.

Douglas picked up this 46cm yellowbelly in the far upper reaches of the western arm.

The boys got some great fires going so they could toast some marshmallows for their dessert.