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BBC Year 3 & 4 Father & Son Fishing Weekend May 2010

...If weather conditions are constant leading up to a fishing session on Hinze, you know you’ll go okay, even if the temperature is cool.  It’s amazing what a couple of weeks of stable conditions can do and it’s even better if you’re fishing on a full moon.  These are exactly the conditions we were blessed with for a father and son weekend for boys in Grades 3 & 4 of Brisbane Boys’ College (BBC).   BBC is a boys’ school which has been preparing young men for the challenges of life since 1902.  The school aims to develop the boys through a balanced involvement of academic, spiritual, sporting and cultural life of the College.   Deputy Head of the Junior School, Mark Griffith, was the driving force behind the school getting involved in its first weekend with Sports Tuition.  Fathers are often challenged to find quality father & son time, and Hinze Dam proved to be the magical setting for a weekend on the water which created some memories that will last for a very long time.    We also had a grandfather attend the weekend, and I must admit, I love it when it when that happens.  The young boys just learn so much off their grandad; it really is quality time at its best.

The BBC crew embraced the favourable conditions and some great fish were caught, but they were definitely on the afternoon bite.  Motoring up the far upper reaches of the western arm mid-morning only produced a few good bass, but after a break for a BBQ lunch, the focal points became Ian’s Island, and the inlets between the island and Bass Bay.  These inlets have seen Saratoga actively feeding of late.  The Saratoga caught on the BBC weekend gave the boys a great thrill with the theatrics of it jumping out of the water in an attempt to dislodge the hook.  Saratoga is a sports fish which are full of bones, so they’re not a table fish.  Saratoga is one of the few fish that can breed in freshwater, so the toga was released.

It was bass and yellowbelly the BBC boys were after for the table.  They knew they had plenty of potatoes to peel back at the campsite, but it was their job to go out and catch some fish for dinner as well.  For young boys only 8-9 years old, it’s not as easy as it sounds, but the BBC boys had no trouble at all.  Some great bass up to 45cm and some even bigger yellowbelly were caught and their fish for dinner came together quite quickly after the lunch break.  After the fish was filleted, the boys also did a great job breadcrumbing the fillets.  A brief shower of rain didn’t even dampen the spirits of the boys and they quickly set about building a couple of awesome fires that they could toast their marshmallows on. 

Carter caught this awesome yellowbelly during the BBC weekend.  Their boat happened to enjoy a mixed bag of quality fish.

Scott & Carter landed this Saratoga on live shrimp.  They did a great job to land the fish, as it was jumping out of the water trying to spit their hook.

Louie picked up this nice bass during the BBC father & son fishing weekend.

After BBC’s day’s fishing on the dam ended, it was down to preparing the catch for dinner.   Under the watchful eye of a couple of dads, the boys went through the process of flour, eggs and breadcrumbs...and they did a great job.

As the weather starts to cool, it’s hard to beat a good camp fire.  The boys enjoyed toasting some marshmallows.

As part of the fishing weekend, the boys set some red claw traps and they picked up some good sized ones too.


{xtypo_quote} Fishing with Dad on the Dam...extract from BBC Junior School Newsletter

The Fox clan of 5 headed off early on Saturday morning with much excitement for the inaugural Year 3 and 4 Father/Son Fishing trip. After a short stop for some breakfast, coffee and a paper on the way down to Hinze Dam, we arrived at the camp ready and hopeful that we would catch some fish. We were even more keen, once Steve from “Sports Tuition”, showed us a bag of potatoes and said that these were all we were having for dinner unless we caught some fish to go with them.

We all headed out in boats and after initially thinking things weren’t looking good, we pulled up an Australian Bass. Sadly, at only 25cm it was 5cm too short of the required length to keep so we had to throw it back. We eventually got another bite, and then another and another until we had a few Bass in the boat. Yeah, things were looking up for dinner. After a BBQ lunch on the wall of the dam, we headed out again for some more fishing. The much anticipated dinner finally came after a seriously large crew of us peeling potatoes had been put into action to produce the end result. The fish and chips tasted great and so were the marshmallows we toasted on the campfire later. After a big day on the water and some fishing stories around the campfire (for future reference, Julian caught the biggest fish for the weekend),we slept soundly in our cabins.

The next morning, we were treated to a great breakfast from our hosts before heading out onto the dam for one final fish. Like the day before, morning tea was brought out to us whilst we were on the water. We finished the weekend having had a great time. Thanks to everyone from “Sports Tuition” for providing us with an opportunity to fish in a beautiful natural setting where we all had the opportunity to both spend some quality time with our Dads and each other, and to learn about environmental sustainability. Our Grandad was very pleased to be able to be included in the concept and thank you Mr Griffith for coordinating the weekend.

John (Grandad), Darren (Dad), Nelson, Connell and Lincoln Fox {/xtypo_quote}

{xtypo_quote} Dear Steve

Thanks for the fabulous photos which really captured the many fabulous moments of our weekend on the Hinze Dam.  Not underplaying the thrill of the catch, the quality time spent between each boy and his dad was priceless.  My sincere thanks to you and your staff for facilitating what was a fabulous 'boys weekend.’

Kindest regards and sincere thanks