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BFO 2010 Winter Camp Review

Last year's winter at Hinze was spectacular and this year has been no different. I've lost count of the number of days where the dam has been glassed out. The lack of wind, and the warmth of the midday sun, has combined to produce some incredible fishing. Winter is usually the time that the fishing slows in freshwater impoundments, but for the last couple of years it hasn't been the case at Hinze Dam. Last month events were held for members of Brisbane Fishing On-line, where Sports Tuition hosted their Winter Camp, there was also the usual School Holiday Survivor Camp and quite a few half day charters as well. Everyone involved lapped up the favourable conditions and enjoyed the peaceful surrounds that Hinze has to offer, not to mention the thrill of catching some great sized Australian bass, yellowbelly and eel-tailed catfish.

Members of Brisbane Fishing On-line (BFO) converged on Hinze, ready to go. Most of the group had fished Hinze before, but there were a few new comers as well. One of the great things about BFO is that everyone is prepared to share their knowledge and offer their assistance where required.

It was a great mix of males and females for this event and as usual is was more social than competitive, but there were some great prizes up for grabs as well. A special thank you to L. Wilson & Co who kindly donated fishing rods for the longest bass on live bait, longest bass on lure and best miscellaneous fish.

Some members opted to use their own boats and some opted to use the Sports Tuition Quintrex boats. There were a few hiccups for the members who opted to use their own boats at the new western arm boat ramp. The ramp was only just opened, and hence, is closed again for a number of reasons. The ramp is only one very long, steep single lane. Cars struggled to find grip on the surface and with their wheels locked, they were sliding back towards the water, another member using a kayak, had the kayak slip off while trying to unload it and it damaged his car, another member couldn't actually get his car back out due to the gradient of the ramp and had to be winched out by a fellow member. So if you do intend to use this ramp when it does re-open, make sure you have the appropriate vehicle and be prepared for the steep slope. Hopefully the Hinze Dam Alliance can attend to a few of these issues and make some alterations to the ramp before it gets handed over to SEQWater. And hopefully when it does re-open there is no more vandalism and theft. It didn't take long for some goose to rip off the toilet doors and steal the solar panels off the roof...obviously not a fisherman!

Once the BFO members were all on the water, they enjoyed a magical day's fishing. Most members lost count of the number of bass they caught, but most were between the 20-30 mark. A few fish were kept for dinner, and Ray, one of the BFO legendary members, also brought along several hundred red claw which were caught at another dam recently, which were also cooked up. It certainly was a night time feast, which was enjoyed with a few social drinks around the camp fire and a late game of poker.

Congratulations to Donna Bovey who picked up the ATC Hard Stick Crankbait for longest bass using bait. It measured 44cm and it was her first ever freshwater fish...not a bad start to freshwater fishing! Tom Burton won an ATC Hard Stick Spinnerbait for the longest bass caught on lure. Tom was jigging using a blade and picked up a bass that measured 35cm. Angus Gorrie, the co-founder of BFO actually caught a great yellowbelly, which would have won the best miscellaneous fish, but he generously handed on the prize of the Wilson LCS Ultra Light Bream rod to Dennis Pearce who picked up a 51cm eel-tailed catfish. I'm sure these three will catch plenty more fish on these quality rods and they were most appreciative of the support from L. Wilson & Co.

Donna with her first ever freshwater fish...and it ended up being the longest bass of the weekend.

A great yellowbelly caught by Angus, but still 20cm short of his Hinze yellow best!

If you can find a school of bass, jigging blades will always give you a great chance. Tom picked up this one and it proved to be the longest bass caught on lure for the day.

Jeff's one of the great characters of BFO and he always catches plenty.

Brad, a Sports Tuition staff member hard at work!

Tom, Donna & Dennis were the prize winners for 2010.