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Churchie Year 6 Father & Son Fishing Weekend August 2010

...The following day it was back to the freshwater and our Hinze Dam base for the Churchie Year 6 father & son fishing weekend. Once again we were greeted with beautiful winter weather. Launching from the western arm, the group worked their way up to Silver Perch Point and the along the bank of Roy's Run. This area proved to be the number one spot for the weekend. There is a steep rocky drop off all along the bank of Roy's Run. It was a perfect spot because of the depth of water. Bass do go deeper in winter and some thumping bass were pulled from 13-14m of water. The group ended up catching their quota before lunch, so after a break in the middle of the day for a barbie, it was time to explore some new territory in the afternoon session. It was all catch and release in the afternoon and the group caught plenty. This winter the bass were consistently on the afternoon bite and during this weekend, it was no exception. The peak time was around 4pm. The bass were in a feeding frenzy and the boys had plenty of fun pulling in one after the other.

Just on dark it was back to the cabins to prepare the catch for dinner and for the boys to peel some potatoes. After dinner the group converged around the camp fire and the boys toasted some marshmallows to wrap up a great day.

The group's first day was one of the best sessions we've experienced for quite some time in regards to the average size of the bass being caught. The bass all had big, fat bellies, as they're now full of roe, but on average, the size would have been 35cm, with plenty going over the 40cm mark and one just under the 50cm mark. Winter is always the time for some trophy sized bass, and this winter has been no different.

After such success on the first day around Silver Perch Point, the group decided to motor directly there the following morning, and again, there were some great bass caught, but because of some very strong winds, and the fact that the area is quite open and exposed to the elements, it was a bit choppy on the water, so the group decided to head back to the far upper reaches of the western arm to fish some sheltered areas. It was not only much more comfortable out of the wind, but the best fish of the weekend was landed from this area. At just under 50cm, it was a great way to conclude the weekend.

During winter, most fish on the fishing weekends were caught using live shrimp as bait, but as the water continues to rise in temperature, more bass will become susceptible to lures and soft plastics. And after such a great winter, it's shaping as a brilliant spring for Hinze.

The spring school holidays are upon us again shortly and it's a chance for the kids to fish Hinze Dam on the three day survivor camp and for fathers & sons to be a part of the school holiday fishing weekend.

Isaac caught the first fish on the Churchie Year 6 Father & Son Fishing Weekend directly opposite the Numinbah boat ramp.

Oliver was fishing the deep drop offs and landed this nice bass.

There's nothing like spending some quality time fishing with your boys, but Ted didn't let them catch all the fish.

Roy's Run produced plenty of good sized bass and Oscar picked up this one using live shrimp as bait.

Charles with a hard fighting bass, pulled from 13m of water along the bank of Roy's Run.

 The boys also picked up some good red claw by setting some traps.

On a cool night, it's hard to leave a good camp fire.

It was bass all weekend, except for a couple of good sized eel tailed cat fish.

George with a nice bass caught behind Ian's Island.

Isaac also caught the last fish of the weekend, a thumping bass just under the 50cm mark.