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BBC Year 5 & 6 Father & Son Fishing Nov 2010

This report appeared in the BBC newsletter and was written by Kostantino in 5C.

Fishing with My Dad
It was 5:30am when the alarm sounded. This was the beginning of the Father & Son Fishing Trip for Year 5 & 6, a weekend that I have been really looking forward to spending with my Dad.

Having arrived at the campsite near Hinze Dam, we stowed our gear in the cabins before setting off in the boats to catch dinner. As the morning went on the fish were not on the chew. By midday we had only a few catfish and a couple of bass to feed thirty of us. We were all concerned that dinner was going to only be heaps of chips and nothing but a mere whiff of the great freshwater fish our stomachs were expecting to devour. The frustration was beginning to heighten as the bites became fewer. To our relief, we were then told that the fish would come onto the bite at around 3-4 o'clock near the ‘Island'. Fortunately for us, they did. We landed more catfish and a solid number of meaty, well-sized bass. Whilst we're only talking centimetres, it was quite funny to hear my Dad and the other Dads boasting about who had caught the biggest fish.  It was also really fun to watch and listen to the Dads as they enjoyed a relaxing, fun time away from their work.

As we made our way to the showers, the fatigue had started to set in after what had been a tiring but successful, fun filled day. After peeling the potatoes and crumbing all the fish we had caught, we enjoyed a well-deserved dinner of fresh fish and chips. The fish tasted great and we had mountains of hand cut chips which just kept coming. After dinner we enjoyed marshmallows by the fire whilst recounting our fishing stories of the day.

With casualties kept to ‘the old hook in the finger trick', the weekend was a great success.  I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend away with my Dad. It was great to both spend time with him and see him have a good time with my friends' Dads.  I'm sure that every boy enjoyed the one-on-one time with his Dad. A special thanks to Mr Steve Wilkes and the Sports Tuition team for the great job they did in taking care of us. I can't wait to go again next year.