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BBC Year 3 & 4 Father & Son Fishing Weekend May 2011 Review

...Sports Tuition has hosted a couple of father & son fishing groups at Camp Lake Fire at Maroon Dam recently and with the use of live shrimp as bait, catch rates have remained high.  There have been some solid bass and yellowbelly caught, as well as quite a few red claw.

The last father & son event involved the students in Years 3 & 4 from Brisbane Boys College at Toowong.  BBC participated in this event for the first time last year at Hinze Dam, but with Sports Tuition moving base to Maroon Dam, this year’s event was held at Camp Lake Fire.  The weather was absolutely glorious, and the fish certainly cooperated.  The fishing was best during the Saturday morning session, and it seemed like a fish was being landed on every drop.  At the end of the weekend, 2000 shrimp netted around 800 fish in total, which was not a bad effort for 8 and 9 year old boys.  The first morning session of the BBC weekend was certainly the best fishing we’ve experienced since commencing our programs at Maroon Dam.  The size of the bass was a lot bigger than we’ve been catching and there were some monster yellows caught too.  We didn’t move from the areas where we have been fishing; we were still focusing around the timber region at the base of Camp Lake Fire, so it was just some good fortune and a combination of fish movement and perfect weather conditions.  So if you’re heading to Maroon Dam, I would definitely recommend fishing around the structured timber regions at the base of Camp Lake Fire at the moment...

Patty from BBC had a cracking weekend, catching solid bass and yellowbelly.


Sol, who was fishing with his dad from Rosco’s new Caningi, caught this yellowbelly that was nearly bigger than him.

Jack with his yellowbelly.

Daniel with an excellent sized yellowbelly caught during the BBC weekend.  99% of the fish were released over the weekend, but a few ended up on the dinner plate.

Have a look at the background at where Dane has pulled this bass from.  Tucked away in a pocket of trees, Dane has used the edge of the weed and lily pad line to dangle a shrimp which the bass could not resist.

Daniel with a nice little bass.

Mr Mark Griffith, the coordinator of the event, caught plenty of solid bass too.

The Saturday night feast also included plenty of red claw.

Thanks once again for a great weekend. Dane and I had a great time.
Bob Nicholson{/xtypo_quote}

{xtypo_quote}Dear Steve,
Thanks for a fantastic weekend. Both Hamish and I had a great time and even though we did not catch any “keepers,” it was great fun just to be able to catch fish.This style of fishing is particularly attractive when there are young children involved with a limited attention and interest span. I have long been a salt water fisherman, but after the week end I think that have become a fresh water convert big time. You will certainly see us again. Thanks again.
Kind regards
Ian N{/xtypo_quote}