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Churchie Year 3 & 4 Father & Son Fiishing Weekend May 2011 Review

May has been an exceptional month for fishing at Maroon Dam and it was no different for the Churchie Year 3 & 4 father and son fishing weekend.  There were some contributing factors, like the full moon and only a light breeze, which resulted in young boys and dads catching a heap of fish. 

The group arrived at Camp Lake Fire at 8am and hit the water shortly after.  At lunch, there was a quick knots & rigs and general freshwater
fishing workshop before the group hit the water for the afternoon session. 

There were plenty of fish caught throughout the day and some were filleted for dinner, to go with the copious amount of red claw that was also caught in the traps.  The group was given the option to employ catch and release tactics or to keep their catch for dinner and most were keen for a taste of yellowbelly and Australian bass.  The boys peeled potatoes for their chips, and together with a barbeque, red claw, and salad, it certainly presented as quite a feast for the Saturday night meal, which was followed by the boys toasting marshmallows for dessert.

{xtypo_quote} Thanks Steve. It was a very enjoyable weekend and Ewan really had fun. Best regards, John {/xtypo_quote}
{xtypo_quote} Steve, Thanks for a great weekend.  Henry is making the mash potatoes from now on! We hope to come back soon. Best wishes Rod Marsh {/xtypo_quote}
{xtypo_quote} Great weekend. Thanks so much. I will see if we can get some other fathers together to head back up. Knowing the set up now, it shouldn't be too hard!
Robert {/xtypo_quote}