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BBC Year 3 & 4 Father & Son Fishing Weekend May 2012 Review

Another large group fishing the upper reaches recently was the fathers & sons from Brisbane Boys’ College, an exclusive all boys school in Brisbane.  All the boys were in years 3 & 4.  It’s an event that the school supports twice a year, and for this particular weekend, I can’t imagine them fishing in better conditions than they experienced.  Both days of their weekend were similar.  The air was cool, but it was nice to be in the sun and there was no wind.  The dam was glassed-out and the fish were on the bite.  The group used live shrimp as bait and set about catching their fish for dinner.  The legal bag limit for Australian bass is two per person.  If a meal is being prepared for a weekend such as this, we work on 1.5 fish per father & son, which ensures nothing is wasted.  Only enough fish for dinner is kept.  During this particular weekend the group used 2300 live shrimp and managed to catch around 1200-1300 fish, so only a very small percentage of the catch was kept, approximately 3%, and everything else was released to fight another day.  There were plenty of red claw caught too, so the group certainly demonstrated that you can easily catch a feed in the dam.  I don’t think I ever get sick of eating red claw.  Over this particular weekend, we cooked some up in garlic & butter, some in sweet chilli sauce and we even had some dusted in bread crumbs which were deep fried and used as a starter.  The red claw catches have been better in deep water, around the weed lines, and closer to the dam wall, as opposed to the upper reaches of the dam.

A reminder if you’re fishing Maroon, you’ll need a stocked impoundment permit, which are available on-line or at the office at Camp Lake Fire.  The funds raised from these permits go back into re-stocking the dam.

A special thank you to L. Wilson & Co who continue to provide the prizes for the school survivor camps.  The students really do get a thrill out of taking home some new fishing gear, which I’m sure they’ll catch plenty of fish on in the years to come.