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BGS Year 6 & 7 Father & Son Fishing Weekend November 2011 Review

Traditionally December is an ideal month to target surface feeding fish in freshwater impoundments.  Keen anglers will be up at dawn in pursuit of Australian bass by working a variety of surface lures.  It is an exhilarating way to catch a fish, and as the water is at an ideal temperature, you’re at pretty good odds to be rewarded for an early start.  The early start is the key to success for a couple of reasons.  For one, the fish are in their usual feeding routine, and two, you have uninterrupted access to them.  For dams that permit outboard motors, December is also an ideal time to rip out the Jet Ski or ski boat. You’ve got to love freshwater impoundments, because they have so much to offer and they cater for people with a variety of interests.  At Maroon Dam, I’d recommend fishing the far upper reaches of the dam as the day progresses, because this area is protected from the skiers.  There have been plenty of fish holding in this region as well, so the dam is a win-win for all users.  Casting lures to the edges will produce, but in this region it is also possible to troll a lure if that is a method you enjoy employing.  There is quite a bit of weed throughout Maroon, but it is still possible.  I tested out the new Wilson slick back lure in purple on the troll recently and it didn’t take long to hook onto an Australian bass.  Although it wasn’t a huge fish, it was plenty of fun on light gear.  There is no doubt that trolling is a great way to relax and explore new territory.  

Australian bass will surface feed at dawn and dusk, but I’d advise you to hit the water early.  The catch rates have been significantly higher in the morning than the afternoon for the past couple of months now.  If you stay at Camp Lake Fire at Maroon Dam, you are able to launch from the site and camp in front of your boat, so this makes the process of an early start much easier.  The earlier you start the more success you’re likely to have.  But in saying that, if you’re not an early riser, stick to the live bait and you’ll catch bass and yellowbelly all day.  It doesn’t take long for a fish to engulf a live shrimp.  Live bait can also be rigged un-weighted, which was a technique which was used during an afternoon session during a recent father & son fishing weekend.  As the bass feed higher in the water column in the morning and afternoon, and an un-weighted shrimp presents the opportunity to swim through the water columns and thermo clines, eventually getting to where the bass are holding.  

The father & son group mentioned were from Brisbane Grammar School (BGS) and the boys were all in Years 6-7.  It was BGS’s fifth year in a row where Sports Tuition has hosted the event.  The past four years were conducted at Hinze Dam, with this being the first based at Camp Lake Fire at Maroon Dam.  There were quite a few who fished the last couple of years at Hinze, so it was great for them to fish another dam, and with the sheer numbers of fish caught, I’m sure they enjoyed the experience.  There is also the added convenience of having everything so close, with it being just a short walk to the water’s edge from the cabins and kitchen area.   Maroon Dam is obviously a much smaller dam than Hinze Dam, but another advantage, which is important when fishing with kids, is that you can be onto the prime fishing spots within minutes.  Not only has the fishing been great, but the red claw are really starting to come on in size and in numbers.  The BGS group also managed to fit some red claw in with their fish & chip meal.  The red claw were boiled for a few minutes and then split and cooked up a bit more on the hot plate with butter and garlic courtesy of Chef Mick.  The boys all helped out with the meal preparation as well, by peeling potatoes and breadcrumbing all the fish fillets.  We ended up having a feast fit for a King on the Saturday night.

Special thanks to Mrs Ann Baumann for her continued support of this yearly event for BGS. 

You’ve got to love December, not only for the surface fishing, but for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  At Camp Lake Fire, we are hosting a NYE party.  There will be bush movies for the kids, set up between a couple of trees using a large screen and data projector.  This mobile unit is a great set up and all you need to bring is your deck chair, torch and a few little treats.  The movies will be somewhere in between Skippy the Bush Kangaroo and The Blair Witch Project!  DJ Glen will also be cranking out the music, with some songs I’m sure you haven’t heard for a while.  So if you haven’t made any plans yet, it would be great to see you out at Camp Lake Fire.  Tent hire, stretcher beds and air mattresses are available for those who don’t own any camping equipment.  Campsite details are available at www.camplakefire.com.au