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TSS Father & Son Fishing Weekend September 2012 Review

On 8-9 September, Sports Tuition hosted a TSS Father & Son Fishing Weekend at Camp Lake Fire.  This was the second successive year that the school has been involved in the program.  Some of the group opted to arrive on the Friday night, and Mick had managed to catch quite a few redclaw during the day, so we got the wood-fired pizza oven going and we all enjoyed some red claw pizza, along with a variety of other toppings.  Mick cooked up the left over redclaw in butter and garlic and it was added to the nibblies plate while the group watched the footy.

The boys were keen to get a fire cranking, so it was decided toasted jaffles would be on the breakfast menu and the boys cooked their own using our jaffle irons.  It was perfect timing, as the end of breakfast coincided with the rest of the group arriving, so it was straight down to the water and into the Quintrex tinnies in search of some fish for dinner.  It only took a couple of hours before there was enough fish in the live-well, so the group employed catch and release tactics for the rest of the day.  The boys did a great job peeling all the potatoes and then breadcrumbing all the fish fillets.  Dinner was beautiful!