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Churchie Year 5 & 6 Father & Son Fishing Weekend November 2012 Review

Sports Tuition hosted a Churchie Year 5 & 6 Father & Son fishing weekend at Camp Lake Fire at Maroon Dam on 17-18 November 2012. 

The group faced rainy periods during their fishing time, but with wild weather lashing parts of Brisbane with severe storms, the conditions at Maroon were threatening, but nothing major eventuated.  The barometer was through the roof, but light rain periods were about the worst of the conditions.  When the atmospheric pressure is high, you tend to catch plenty of bass.  In the first morning session on the weekend, each boat landed about 30 fish each.  During this weekend live shrimp was being used.  The rain didn’t last all day and when it did stop, you couldn’t imagine any better freshwater fishing conditions.  The Churchie boys used just under 2000 live shrimp on their weekend, and when you consider most shrimp account for a fish, you know there were plenty caught.

There was a range of species caught on during the weekend, with Australian bass making up the majority of the catch, but there were some great yellowbelly caught, as well as quite a few monster eel tailed catties.  The group fished in the tinnies which are powered by Minn Kota electrics, and I know the boys get a big thrill out of being in control of their own boat just as much as landing fish.  Once enough fish was caught for dinner, the group employed catch and release tactics.  At the end of the day, the group converged around the kitchen where a fish filleting demonstration took place, and once the filleting was complete, it was the job of the boys to breadcrumb the fillets.  It was a meal of fish & chips and salad, and there were also plenty of red claw as well.