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Churchie Year 3 & 4 Father & Son Fishing Weekend #2 May 2013 Review

There is nothing like a bit of quality father & son time.  On the weekend of 4-5 May Sports Tuition hosted the Year 3 & 4 boys and their dads from Churchie at Camp Lake Fire.  All the cabins were used and the boys had a cranking fire in the courtyard area.  It is starting to cool down at night now, which does make it perfect for a nice, big fire.  The fishing conditions over the weekend were perfect.  The lake was glassed-out on both days and every person caught a stack of fish.  We had a large number of silver perch caught, which is quite rare for Maroon.  We’ve been catching one every six months or so, but the group caught four in the first Saturday morning session, and they picked up a few more during the course of the weekend.  Silver perch are quite popular in Chinese restaurants, where they are often seen in their display tanks.  Silver perch have a nice, firm, white fillet.  The boys ended up catching enough fish for dinner during their first session, so it was all catch & release after lunch.  During the lunch break the dads were put through a fish filleting workshop and the boys had the job of breadcrumbing all the fillets.


Dear Steve,

Thanks for the great shots, much better than mine. Thank-you also for putting such a great weekend together. Ted and I truly enjoyed the experience and will tell all and sundry about Camp Lake Fire. 

ps. we also enjoyed our own crumbed bass fillets last night with the girls at home, nothin' like fresh fish!




Gday Steve,

Thanks for the great photos.

Cooper and I had a brilliant weekend, and the advice Mick gave on where to find the fish and what to do when we got them was absolutely spot on.

Dinner was fabulous too, and we thank-you for sharing the red claw with us.

I can't remember Mick's son's name, but he did a great job with the cooking, and the chips were amongst the best ever.

Again, thank-you for your first class facility and making the weekend happen and such a success.

Rob and Cooper Crass