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BBC Year 3 & 4 Father & Son Fishing Weekend May 2013 Review

Maroon Dam has been fishing exceptionally well lately and the best indicator was last weekend on 25-26 May when Sports Tuition hosted the Year 3 & 4 Brisbane Boys’ College boys, together with their dads on a fishing weekend at Camp Lake Fire.  On the Saturday, the wind was absolutely blowing to gale and I expected little catch…but to my surprise enough fish was caught for dinner by lunch time.  After lunch, a fish filleting demonstration took place, which was followed by the boys peeling all the potatoes.  We also cooked up about 150 red claw for dinner.  On this occasion the red claw were boiled for a couple of minutes and then cut in half and then with flesh side down, they were then seared on the hotplate with butter and garlic.  The group concluded the weekend fishing on Sunday in perfect conditions, without a breath of wind, and some fantastic sized bass were caught.  Over the weekend it was mainly bass, with the odd silver perch and eel tailed catfish amongst the catch.  There were several bass which measured well over 40cm during the weekend, and they were nice and fat too, as they are starting to roe-up at the moment.  I must thank all the dads who all chipped in over the weekend to make it a really enjoyable weekend for everyone, including our staff.  It was a great group of dads and sons.  Special thanks to Mark Griffith at BBC too, who is the driving force behind these weekends.  It’s great to see the school valuing this quality father & son time.


"Hi Mark, 

Just like to say a special thanks to yourself and Junior School for being the conduit between the BBC Dads/Sons and the great people at Camp Lake Fire, another outstanding weekend of fishing. Talking to the Dads around the camp fire it would seem that spending such valuable time with their sons was a highlight. There were a lot of new Dads and Sons to BBC (year 4) this year and a large number were on the fishing weekend praising the concept...Thank you again."