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BBC Year 3 & 4 Father & Son Fishing Weekend May 2014 Review

On the 23-25 May 2014, Sports Tuition hosted a group of 42 on the annual Brisbane Boys’ College Year 3 & 4 Father & Son Fishing Weekend.  The weekend commenced on the Friday night and it was the job of the boys to make the pizzas.  Firstly, for themselves, and then for their dad.  All the pizzas come from Sugo Tu and the boys had to stretch out their base and then add the desired ingredients before it was thrown into the wood-fired pizza oven.  The fishing commenced at 8am on the Saturday morning.  We were blessed with beautiful weather.  We could not have hoped for more perfect fishing conditions.  The dam was glassed-out and there was plenty of heat in the day with temperatures well above average.  The group fished two three hour sessions on the Saturday.  Bunjurgen Estate Vineyard is a local vineyard and wine tasting was set up for late Saturday afternoon.  After dinner the boys cranked up the fire to toast marshmallows.  The fishing concluded on Sunday at 11:30am.  The total number of Australian bass caught over the weekend was more than 600.  All were released apart from 4 or 5 which were taken home to share with other family members.  There were also quite a few spangled perch and the odd eel-tailed catfish caught.  It was one of those weekends where it didn’t really matter were the group fished, success was being had all over the dam.  Special thanks to Mark Griffith, Deputy Head of the Junior School at BBC for continuing to organise these weekends for the school.

Hi Steve. 
The tally from the Johnson team (who spent a fair amount of time with no bait on the line) was around 27 – all released.
Thanks for a great weekend Steve.  Mac and Tommy had a great weekend and slept all the way home - a sure sign they couldn't fit much more in. See you on the next one. 
Nigel Johnson
Hi Steve,
O'Rorke family of three got about 40 fish, a photo of the best attached.
Thanks also for a great weekend again.
We cooked up Tom’s 31.001 cm fish for dinner last night-very proud little man.
Don O'Rorke
Hi Steve
We caught approx 25 - 30 fish. Thanks again for a great weekend.
Andrew Goffage
Dear Steve,
Thanks for the great weekend.
The tally for our boat (Alastair, Bruce, Rob and Mitchell) was about 7 fish on Saturday and 12 on Sunday.
Hi Steve,
We caught about 25 bass with the biggest 40cm.  Will send a few more photos with following emails.
Hi Steve,
My 'boys' had a fantastic weekend fishing.  Lots of tales to tell.
They think they caught around 25 fish.  David apparently caught 12 on the first morning.
Hi Steve,
Thanks to you and Mick for putting on a great weekend (food, format and company was fantastic).  Max and I caught around 8 fish in total (slow afternoon session on Saturday).
Jeff Baker
The Meyers caught 12 fish and great fun was had.  Many thanks.
Carolyn Meyer
Me and Sam caught about 15 between us. 2 speckled perch, 1 cat fish, the rest bass
Thanks for the photos.
Jon Mann
About 18-20 Steve including 1 catfish and four-five keepers (Aust bass). 
Great time again - thanks . Good kids and a good bunch of fathers 
Michael Blucher
Hi Steve -
Thanks for a great weekend.  We will definitely see you again.
Thanks Steve - much appreciated. 
Thanks also for putting on a great weekend for the boys - I think we all had a great time. 
Kind regards 
Pete Dunn
Thanks Steve!  We had a great weekend and can't wait until next year now.
Michael Whyte