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Churchie Years 4-6 Father & Son Fishing Weekend September 2014 Review

It’s always a pleasure to host the boys from Churchie at Camp Lake Fire and on 5-7 September, it was the boys in Years 4-6 with their dads.  It was also great to have a few grandfathers participate as well.  The group arrived Friday night and utilised Camp Lake Fire’s wood-fired pizza oven.  The first job for the boys was to make their dad and granddad a pizza.   The boys always enjoy stretching out the bases and designing their own pizzas.  The pizza bases from Sugo Tu are sensational.  The boys also thoroughly enjoyed toasting some marshmallows over the open fire after dinner.

The fishing commenced first thing Saturday morning.  After breakfast it was a short walk down the hill to the waiting boats, powered by Minn Kota electrics.  I’m sure the boys have just as much fun driving the boats as they do fishing, but they were there to fish and that’s exactly what they did.  It was a matter of minutes before the first bass of the day was landed and the catches didn’t stop all morning. The catch comprised of mainly Australian bass, but there were about a dozen eel-tailed catfish and one spangled perch caught as well.  

The hundreds of fish that were caught during the Saturday session were all released.  The group of 41 all used live shrimp as bait, on paternoster one ball rigs.  The fishing fired up again for the Sunday morning session and a couple of families decided to take a couple of fish home for dinner.  Maroon Dam is part of the stocked impoundment permit scheme and you are legally permitted to take two bass per person with a minimum length of 30cm.  Maroon was re-stocked in January and one of the last fish caught on the weekend was a baby bass from that stocking.  Robert Crass was the lucky angler and it brought plenty of laughs along with it, particularly as all the young boys were pulling in 40 plus cm bass.  The stocking group does a great job and it is pleasing to see the latest releases now jumping on a hook.

Thanks Steve for the pics and a great weekend. The 3 of you did a great job with the activities and food, and you always made us feel special too. Looking forward to next years camp. Cheers, Rob

Thanks for the photos and a great weekend! Cheers, Rod and Henry

Thanks Steve, much appreciated.  The kids, my father and I all had a great time, it was really well run by you and the team, and a great experience for the kids Thanks again Cheers Ric

Many thanks Steve, sorry we left before you returned on Sunday so could not say thanks you. Thankyou for your warm hospitality and for creating such a wonderful environment for kids and dads.  This was the first time for both of us and a great experience.  I could see Sid talking it up with his friends on Sunday evening. Look forward to coming back next year. Thanks Madhu

Thanks Steve.  Both Ben and I had a great time and I'm sure he will remember it for a long time. Thanks for all you and your team did and thank you for these photos. I will keep my eye out for the Bush and Beach October editions.  I will be back with Ben's twin sister, Ella, for the St Margaret day in October. Look forward to seeing you then. Regards Ken.


Thanks for the pictures.  It was a great weekend and I think all the boys, dads and grandfathers thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Thanks again to you, Mick and the team .  Looking forward to catching up again soon. Cheers Matthew Sulman

Good on ya Steve, great photos great weekend - Thanks again to you and Mick and the rest of the crew for providing Darce and I with such a awesome  experience. Ill be sure to buy Bush and Beach Oct edition..........first time for everything

Kind Regards, Marcus