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TSS Father & Son Fishing Weekend September 2014 Review

A group of fathers, together with their sons, converged on Maroon Dam on 12-14 September 2014.  All the boys attend The Southport School (TSS) on the Gold Coast.  The event was the annual TSS Father & Son Fishing Weekend.  The group gathered at Camp Lake Fire on the Friday night and enjoyed the wood-fired pizzas, which all the boys prepared.  The fishing commenced 8am on the Saturday morning.  It was decided that the group would keep enough fish for dinner that night.  By 9:30am we had enough fish in the live well.  It was all catch and release for the rest of the weekend.  At the lunch break, Mick walked all the fathers through fish filleting, so at the end of the day, all the boys had to do was to breadcrumb the fillets.  Dinner came together quickly.  After dinner, the boys gathered around the fire to toast some marshmallows.  The league semi-finals were shown on the big screen in the dining area too, so it ended up being a very social weekend.  The weekend wrapped up with a Sunday morning fish.  Everyone caught plenty of fish.  Australian bass was the predominant catch, with several bass measuring over 40cm, but there were also a few large eel-tailed catfish and one of the dads picked up a 56cm yellowbelly.