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Churchie Year 1-3 Father & Son Fishing Weekend 2016 #1 Review

The first of the Churchie Father & Son Fishing Weekend for Years 1-3 was held on 3-5 June. On Saturday morning, the fishing component commenced with a knots & rigs workshop and then then group had to endure fishing in the rain for 2-2.5 hours. Not ideal conditions, but great to see the young boys and their dads persevere and catch enough fish for dinner. After lunch the group was put through a fish filleting session and the boys converged around a blazing camp fire. Thankfully the rain had stopped by midday and we had a nice, dry afternoon.

There were some impressive fish caught, both on the Saturday and Sunday. It was great to see a range of species caught too, which included; Australian bass, yellowbelly, silver perch and eel-tailed catfish. 

The boys did a great job bread crumbing the fillets, and we also did some in batter this time too, which came up a treat. 

Well done to all the boys involved.

What great photos!!  Thanks very much Steve! We steamed the bass with ginger and shallots ... one of the tastiest fish we've had recently. The catfish - we filleted and made some fish and chips (John showed his cousins the new recipe you taught him on Saturday). Great weekend all round. Thanks again. Until next time, Phil