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Clayfield College Father & Son Fishing Weekend 2017 Review

...The other group to fish prior to Cyclone Debbie and the heavy rain was a Clayfield College father and son group. However, the coast started receiving some heavy rainfall the week prior to this group commencing and the result was that the water level in the upper reaches rose about 4m. It certainly surprised me, as I didn’t expect this to occur in the upper reaches, but as everyone has seen again, the power of water is quite incredible. The Clayfield College group fished the upper reaches. Quite often after rain, bass congregate in the upper reaches waiting to ambush any new food source that flows into the dam. Over the years, I’ve noticed that the fishing is always good during and straight after rain and then it takes about a week for the dam to settle and for the fish to come on the bite again.

The fathers and sons from Clayfield also managed to catch enough fish for their dinner, but comparatively the fishing in the upper reaches was slow compared to the fishing in the main basin. Regardless, it was enjoyable exploring new territory and it's always quality time with the fathers and sons from Clayfield.